J9 Designs ROCKS

I have wanted to own my own site for a while and for many reasons…

  • I ALWAYS want to own dinoheromommy.com
  • I want to FINALLY be able to host or co-host a blog hop or giveaway
  • I want to keep this site and a cool and hip way for Dino to look back on his past and see what a weird but fun mom he has.

One thing I DIDN’T want to do was transfer it over as I had no flipping clue what to do. Sure I can figure out some blogging, technological, and computer coded terms…but could I buy a domain and transfer it over? NO WAY.

Thankfully Janine from

Test Blog
and her awesome business
J9 Designs
did all the work for me.
That’s right I hired Janine and let her do all the work. Go to J9Desings and check out her services page here.  Though for the price she offered I think I got a great deal. While she was working hard, I was eating, watching TV, organizing two bedroom closets, and sending her psychopathic and apologetic emails.
So you see, I got my OWN website for almost no effort, well except for a few crazy emails.

One response to “J9 Designs ROCKS

  1. Your site looks very nice. WordPress frankly scares the doowah out of me. Nice to see you’re a Flybaby too. I love Flylady. She gave me my start in organizing. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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