Dinosaurs Bake Brownies and Wash Dishes


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I’m a terrible baker. I think it;’s a combination of refusing to follow directions exactly and wanting to experiment. This NEVER works out when I bake, which is why I try not to do it too often. 

I have been promising Dino we would bake brownies soon, so on a hot summer day, with the AC blaring I used my old, overheated stove. Thankfully I didn’t have too many hot flashes during that time.

While I prepared the ingredients ahead of time, I got the apples and cherries baby food. I mixed it with the olive oil in the measuring cup. See right there is my first problem I refuse to use vegetable oil and instead insist on suing olive oil. I don’t taste the difference, but that is just me.

Did I get any pics of Dino pouring in the brownie mix, olive oil with the secret ingredient of baby food, or any pics of him mixing it all up, pouring it in the pan, or even licking the spoon? NOPE.

I did get a pic of the uncooked brownie batter and after it was cooked. Yes, I was such a pig that I cut out our pieces first, then took a few pics. I did have to put the brownies back in, as they were still a bit mushy on the inside. See…I suck at baking, LOL….but Dino could care less. to him the brownies were a gift from the Heavens. And NO he did not taste any apples or cherries, nor did hubby. Which makes me think I can add more next time *evil laugh*

CAM04030png CAM04040png CAM04043png

I got get pics of Dino helping to wash the dishes. I poured in tons of soap and gave him a rag. The dishes got cleaned and Dino had fun. I don’t use sponges anymore, they are just too annoying to clean and the microfiber ones were even worse to clean. I cut up our old and stained clothes, any clothes, and use them as cleaning rags, wet napkins, and sponges. They work great and all I have to do is pop them in the washing machine after each use. I have TONS on hand so I never run out.

Yes, I know I covered up my son’s butt even though he had on underwear, or undies as we call them. I just felt uncomfortable showing off his undie-clad butt. While the pictures were cute, I felt that I didn’t want the whole world to see him in his undies, especially with sick people out there. But it was such a hot day, why not clean in your undies?


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