Crocheting and The Space Thief


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Thankful that Dino is more independent and was great in the mall. He walked beside me ran ahead of me, but stayed closed and stopped when I told him too. He did fall down all the time, but with Dino he only has TWO speeds…fast and faster. He listened while on the elevator and helped me pick out earrings. He waited patiently on line for the carousel and sat ate lunch nicely next to me. There are days I am floored by what a big boy I have.

I am thankful that Alanna suggested I start crocheting. It REALLY is easier for me. I am getting the hang of crocheting. While I am still a beginner and could probably only makes scarves, I am having a blast. It’s a thin scarf, but I am so gosh darn proud.


I’ve made a few errors, but got the hang of “turning the chain” but I just say making the length for the next row.


Now I am starting a new scarf, this one goes ten across…I’m getting braver and saved the nicer color blend for when I got the hang of crocheting. I can’t wait to see the final project. My mother crochets…I NEVER KNEW THAT, or maybe I did and just forgot…I’ve been forgetting quite a bit over the years. So maybe she can help me with ending the scarf instead of just making a knot. I wonder if I can add tassels or fringe?


In just two days I’m making great progress, don’t you think?


Hubby, the Space Thief

Hubby has taken over the closet, in fact the entire bedroom. He has three containers, two under the bed and one behind the dresser, most of the dresser drawers and 3/4 of the closet. I have 1/4 of the closet, one shelf in the closet, and three drawers in the dresser. 


The lack of closet space is WHY my clothes are on the dresser in this utter mess.


I know my mother is freaking out that I am showing this mess on my dressers…but I know I am not the only one with this disaster. I am going to head over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond tomorrow with the coupon and see if I can purchase  plastic or wicker drawers to put on top of the dresser.  We rent a small apartment, so we can’t really change any of the structure. So that is why I though I would use space by going up instead of taking precious and limited floor space.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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  1. We just went to the mall with the kids this past weekend (after a few months). I had been going by myself, when Kevin was home on the weekends to watch them, because it was just easier. But this time, we took the kids and same with Emma. She was so good and seriously can see the difference one year makes on something so simple. And now that we got new bedroom furniture, my bedroom actually looks half way presentable, but believe me before that it was a mess. By the way, my husband hogs the closet, too. So, I can relate on that one for sure!!

    • what is it with men, aren’t we women supposed to have more clothes? grrrr I think some extra drawers will help me keep myself organized despite hubby’s craziness.

      you are right a year makes a huge difference, especially with the little things babe. Dino has a doctors appointment today and I wonder what the doctor will say?

  2. Karen,

    My house is a total disaster. You know, one thing I think – you have to trade. I am blogging and sewing, and homeschooling and taking care of the kids needs. I don’t have time to clean. I’m just being honest. My husband complains and huffs around – but if he wants to take some of that off my plate – than I would be more than happy to clean. I know this is my situation, but maybe you can think something like that.

    It’s ridiculous. We can’t do every single thing in the world, can we? We do the absolute best we can. You are doing great!

    The scarves are awesome! I love them! I also love the coloring on that yarn? What fabric is that? Cotton? It looks so soft and squishy – and you know how much I love squishy things!

    It’s funny that you mention the mall. I hate going to the mall – mostly because I’m paranoid. I think it’s the environment. When I am walking on the second level, I am deathly afraid that some psycho is going to come, grab one of my children and throw them over. I’m also scared that someone is going to just start shooting randomly. I know, I need help. I don’t take the kids to the mall – period. If I have to go, I have a plan, go in and get what I need and get out.

    This fear is pretty recent, within the last year.

    • OMG, I have those same fears all the time. you are not alone. I don’t trust anyone and no matter where I am I look for hiding places, escape routes…etc. There are sick and evil people in this world. I only let Dino race ahead of me because the mall was pretty empty, if it was crowded he would have to walk beside me. I am always holding my keys like a weapon and prepared to defend myself and my son at any given moment…but Dino doesn’t know any of this, LOL

      I agree with you, hubby is so unfair in his thinking. I work full time, plan all the meals, pack Dino’s lunches, take care of the fish and dog care, and a million other things and he’s just reaping the benefits. I do like a somewhat clean house. I am done with cooking though. I make what I want and there are sandwiches, hummus, and nuggets, if they don’t like my meal.

    • Thanks babe, it is quite relaxing, kept my mind off waiting in doctors office.

      Oh yeah two speeds and too volumes, loud and louder…that’s my boy, LOL

  3. I hope you have luck in finding some great drawers! You are definitely NOT alone! Even with a house, we have so much clutter and things that still need spaces…

  4. I have always wanted to knit or crochet but learning to knit was like painfully irritating and I never did really get the hang of it enough to enjoy it – do you find crocheting harder or easier than knitting?

    • OMG crocheting is so much easier. when someone was trying to teach me to knit… I wound up cursing and throwing the sticks acrross the room, I hated it…I HATED IT…i just couldn’t do it.

      Crocheting is only one stick and it has a hook so it’s easier to hold. After a few days hte flow of my hands as I stitch is more fluid and there are so many great videos on how to crochet, turn a new row, ending a stitch. After watching a bunch of different ones, I finally got it…

  5. Karen- Your scraf looks awesome. I think you might be a natural with a crochet hook. If you can crochet a scarf, you can make your own dish cloths which are way more durable than the store bought ones. And the cotton yarn is just over a dollar when on sale and you can make 2 or 3 with each skein.

    Now all you have to do is join Ravelry. (A website for knitter and crocheters with thousands of patterns, forums, etc- good times)

    • I know you!!!! I just joined! WOOOHOOO

      OMG, I was owrking on it at the doctors yesterday and I loved it!!!! It really kept me calm while waiting. Mind you I am only doing ten stiches accross though. I SO have to make my own dish cloths…I don’t use paper towels anymore, I cut up old clothes and use that as sponges, wet napkins, and rags. so easy to just toss them in the wash. If I could make my own cloths…that would ROCK!!!!

      Thanks again for suggesting crocheting…I REALLY love making something with my hands while listening to my books on tape!1

  6. I make my husband get rid of anything he doesn’t need, lol.

    I wish mine would behave that well at the mall! She’s 4 and a half and I still have to have her ride in a stroller or she’ll escape.

    • I wish I could make hubby get rid of stuff…I may have to just throw it out and play dumb.

      Dino only recently has been good…I scare him more than I should though.

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