Dinosaurs Eat Hummus


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Hubby and I were happy to eat pre-marinated steak and chicken on skewers with rice and spinach. Sure the meat and chicken cost a bit more because it was marinated and ready for us to plop on the bbq. In my opinion it was more than worth the price…this mommy will pay for convenience. The steak fajita flavored rice came from a box and I added spinach, since I knew Dino wouldn’t eat it. Might as well enjoy MY food.


Dino made it very clear that is NOT what he was having. Instead he happily ate hummus with pretzels. Though, not just any hummus, hummus with roasted pine nuts. This dinosaur LOVES flavor and this hummus had just that. He also likes hummus with olives, artichokes, or roasted red peppers. At least he’s getting his veggies that way.

CAM03977 CAM03970

Which dinner would you have preferred and why?

8 responses to “Dinosaurs Eat Hummus

  1. How much do I have to pay you to get MY kids to eat hummus?! I love it and wish they would get into its yummy goodness. Name your price!! –Lisa

    • LOL…I have no idea why he loves hummus…I hope he doessn’t turn into chick pea. If he really knew what it was he would NEVER eat it again.

  2. Oh my girls just tried it recently for the first and loved it, too. Even picky eater, Lily ate it also like Dino with pretzels!!! Our kids would so get along 🙂

    • OMG…imagine the trouble they would get into…LOL

      I guess the flavor in hummus makes it fun to eat…he used to eat guacamole but thinks it’s a trick and just veggies now…grrr.

    • OMG, the chicken was perfect, tender and tasty. The hummus was good too. Think I prefer the pine nuts one over the other flavors

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