Long, Thin Scarf

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Fun: What could be more fun than playing with a bean bag toss, riding your bike, and spitting on ants? Boy, this four year old has it made.

Arts & Crafts: This was from my post on Wednesday, he is so proud of his work. I love to read with Dino and work on comprehension skills with him. Whether it’s drawing scenes from the book, talking about what happens next, or acting like characters from the book. I drew the fish, but he drew the small fish all around Stanley.

Messy: Can someone HELP me clean Dino’s room? No matter how much I make him clean there are toys everywhere. I am going to do a major overhaul in his room, time change some things now that he’s older. Eventually buying him a new dresser and a desk and chair. I’m going to chuck his toy bin and keep everything in the closet, so he’ll have more room to play and color/write.

Blessing: My SON is my blessing. I’ve posted before out my struggles with infertility and IVF. Never thinking I would be a mom, Dino is truly a gift from God. I’ve been blessed.

Effort: I’ve tried knitting before and I scared the person by throwing the needles across my living room into wall. I don’t think she would have ever tried teaching again after that, not that I wanted to try anymore. Yesterday, I was chatting with with one friend at another friends baby shower (another blessed mom). Alanna knitted a spectacular baby sweater with buttons and all. I was mystified, of course. Alanna suggested that crocheting might be better for me, knowing of my tantrum with the knitting needles. So, you know me, I went to a craft store and bought yarn and two crochet needles, in case one suddenly disappeared *whistling and looking away form the screen*. To might delight it was easier after watching numerous videos and crying at the foreign language of crocheting. While I still HAVE A LONG WAYS to go and have to learn to not pull the yarn too tight, I find the movement and only having one dagger crochet needle is easier and smoother.

Thanks Alanna!


Can anyone suggest any videos/tutorials/sites that helped them with crocheting? I am having troubling starting a new line and it looks weird on the ends. Even if I end up with SUPER long and thin scarves and “snakes” for my son to play with I’ll be happy. I could probably put buttons on the one above and convince son it’s dinosaur, LOL.


23 responses to “Long, Thin Scarf

  1. We are having the same problem here with trying to keep the girls room and toys from being a complete disaster. So need a better system and no matter what I do, by the end of the day, we are usually cleaning a huge mess yet again!! And as for the crocheting tutorial, try Hubpages and DaughterofMaat, she just had a great article on this 🙂

    • It;s so frustrating, right? I know Dino likes to play with lots of toys at the same time, so I guess I can understand…but it’s so crazy when you walk in.

      Thanks, going to check out those tutorials.

  2. No matter how big or how small the room and how much storage you do or don’t have, you’re child’s room will ALWAYS be messy. I found the best solution was to just accept it.

  3. Fun set. Your boy is adorable. Spitting on Ants…now that’s an activity for you! No solution to the Messy room situation. Coleen’s room is always a mess. Good luck with Crocheting, I could never master knitting or crocheting as I’m a “leftie” and had no one to teach me.

  4. Your comment about your son spitting on ants totally made me laugh…probably be ause I have tow boys of my own! Thus I totally understand the messy room situation as well.

    My mom taught me how to crochet and I love it! Keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it. Wish I had some good videos to direct you too!

    Great photos!

    • thanks babe found a few videos and once I watched each a few times it clicked, now just have to keep practicing so I can move onto more than just think scarves, LOL

      oh boys are a crazy breed aren’t they?

  5. I want to come and play!! Ok, I am not an expert (not even close) but if I lived closer I would come over and help! :)))) Just keep at it, I love crocheting better than knitting!!
    Just dropping in from Let’s Get Social Sunday to thank you for joining in!

    @ My Turn for us

    • thanks babe. I am doing much better and getting the hang of it…even though I am only going accross five, LOL…one day I’ll be brave and make a one 10 links long.

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