A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

@thefrilloflife suggested the top ten pics you’ve taken 
How could I only pick ten? Which ten would I choose, then I decided to take a trip down memory lane. I have to say that I cried as I looked at these pictures. They brought back strong emotions and memories, if you get emotional…here’s a virtual tissue and an apology.
Let’s begin with Balboa. In my dark days when the thought of being a mommy was impossible, Balboa filled that void. He sure is one SPOILED doggy. Hubby did buy him from a breeder. If I had known them what I know now I would have never done that, adoption is the way to go. Then again it was hubby’s surprise to me when he didn’t ‘t know
what else to do.  Balboa was so tiny and I felt like a mom. While it didn’t ease the heartbreak or fill the void, having my Boobalah around made me happier.
dog_2 napping me and mommy 4
Then God blessed us with a miracle. Out of only two chances with IVF, we were luck on our first try and I was pregnant. I had a life growing inside of me. I was going to be a mommy. While this is NOT the first pic of our son, I do have one when he was a three-day old embryo, it is still important to me. This picture shows that he was the baby I was waiting so many years for and will love forever. 
5 weeks 5 days with text
After my emergency c-section and subsequent cleaning and forced stomach crunches…LOL…I was wheeled into the NICU to meet my son. I had an old phone but still captured this moment. I called his name and he turned his head and looked at me. I don’t care if he could see me or not, he SAW me, he FELT me, he KNEW me…I sobbed in the moment. Sad that I could not hold him, but joyous that I had a son and he knew I was his mommy.
night of delivery
He was a tiny guy, 4lbs 6oz, but a fighter and so full of love and personality even back them.
He was such a trouble maker even back then…but cuter than can be. He’s all mine, temper tantrums, food spitting, farting, roaring, hugs, squeezes, kisses, kindness, stubbornness, love, compassion, and energy wrapped up in an adorable package. I am blessed.

26 responses to “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Oh so many wonderful pictures in one place and I am so with you on loving looking back that is truly why I do this once a week with my Flashback photos!! I think my favorite here was the sonogram picture, because I too remembered feeling these were my very photos and glimpses of my girls!! 🙂

  2. OMGooooodness karen! I don’t knwo who I want to squeeze more. Seriously though that puppy! What a ham! I love it all esp when they are together! How charming are these pictures. I see your happy life clearly in them.

    • now Balboa will only look at the camera if I have a treat, LOL Anthony needs to look at every picture of himself…

      Thanks babe! (HUGS)

  3. Gorgeous photos. I love dogs and adore babies. As a Mum of four boys and a girl I understand your joy. Back in my day we had to wait 4 months before we could get an ultrasound picture!

  4. Such adorable pictures of both of your babies! Your son was photogenic from the start – he always has such a great smile for the camera.

  5. Balboa was such a cute puppy! I adopted Jeffrey, he was on sale because no one wanted him. I’m so glad that I saved my baby!

    I don’t even know what to say about Dino. It is so incredible that I can see your newborn pic of him and his eyes still look the same! He has such incredible features and you can see them still there as he grows. You’re one lucky mommy!

    And, forced crunches, LOL!

    • so late in replying….I can’t think about a life iwhtout Balboa, but for our next dog we will adopt. I always want Dino to have a dog.

      yeah, his eyes are pretty amazing. Thanks babe!

      YES…after the nurse wheeled me in and cleaned me up (which I am sure it looked like a war zone) she forced me to do crunches WITH STITCHES….I of course did what she said just to see my son.

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