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I had no motivation or energy this week, I think I am ready for school to end as well. I’m exhausted and weak and need a rest. Though, who am I kidding, I’m a mom and that will never happen.

Lately, Its’ been too hot to cook and I have been slacking off, so I been taking easy routes for dinners or just making things I like and letting Dino eat PBJ sandwiches or cereal. What a great mom I am. This time he shocked me when he wanted some pierogies as well. I just heated them up in water and plopped ketchup on the plate.

Now if I had planned this, he would have snubbed the dinner. CAM03839


I made a pasta salad the other day, hubby had some and that was it. One bowl and he was done wit the dinner. I would up eating it almost every day until I was turning into a pasta salad. Why do I even bother?

pasta salad

This time I made something for me. Kielbasa with rice and beans. I LOVED it and even added some kielbasa to my eggs the next morning. Did I care if Hubby or Dino LIKED it…NOPE. Sometimes I want to eat what I want; and that’s it.

rice and sausage

What are your lazy or no-motivation meals? Do you sometimes make meals that you know you’ll be
the only one eating them?

19 responses to “Boring Meals

  1. Don’t judge, but sometimes if the girls are being super picky and I have no energy, I just make frozen chocolate chip waffles for dinner. Seriously, but that point I don’t feel like fighting them and thank god for small favors I suppose!!

    • oh man…what a great idea. I can sneak some fruit in the syrup, maybe. I am really done, I just want him to eat, I don’t care what, LOL

  2. Oh, girl…cereal for dinner or something like that just has to happen sometimes. I hate to cook, so you know I’m with you. If I could stick a bowl of pasta salad in front of my husband and that was the end of it, I’d do that at least twice a week. The problem is the family expects to be fed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Ugh. What a pain. –Lisa

    • OMG…he asked for plain pasta tonight, I sprinkled on some parmesean and cheddar cheese and microwaved it…so simple but he was happy. that will happen again in about six months, LOL

  3. Don’t feel bad, my daughter eats chicken noodle soup or chicken nuggets every single night for dinner. I try to get her to eat what we’re eating but she’d rather starve herself.

    • that’s good protein though, but I hear you babe. I am slowly giving up…what is the point? I am just making myself crazy, at least I can eat what I want now.

  4. You need mommy’s night out! I wish I was close to drag you put! LOL

    If I’m not in the mood to cook I eat veggies, fruit, and eggs. None off those require effort on my part and it’s what I like to eat.

    • ((HUGS)) thanks babe…I haven’t gone out in a long time…drag me…I’d be running to the car! Yup, I am done now…no more big meals, as long as he eats I don’t’ care, LOL

  5. I love every one of those meals! I would surely come over to eat any of it. We’ve been making sandwiches or eating popsicles. I know, not healthy, but it’s been too hot. Get some rest when you can 🙂

    • thanks babe…I am so done now. I am making what I want and he can eat what he wants..I agree…I don’t wnat anything heavy when it’s hot…I could eat sandwiches all the time…YUMMMMY

  6. Breakfast for dinner around here when we’re lazy. When I’m lazy. The bonus is that I actually like it. Oh, and pasta salad is my favorite meal. If my husband made it (I never like my own food that much) I would eat it breakfast, lunch, dinner.

    • OMG. I feel that way about rice and melted cheese, I could that all the time.Yup, I have so given up on trying to cook and please people now… Eat whatever you want, LOL

  7. I can’t believe you’re still in school! I totally want waffles for dinner now after reading Janine….

    • Thursday is the last day then I am providing services through the district over the summer…I am looking forward to next week when I am OFF!

  8. Maybe because I am worn out and tired of taking care of everything… but I’d love to eat any of what you cooked. My go-to, momma-doesn’t-want-to-cook meal is hot dogs in the microwave and cottage cheese.

    • I love cottage cheese, but it doesn’t love me, LOL .I think I over did hot dogs and he doesn’t want them anymore….oooops

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  10. {Melinda} My kids say that I always think that the answer to any problem can be answered by turkey & cheese sandwiches, turkey burgers, or BBQ Chicken Pizza. Those are always the options I choose when I’m too lazy or tired to make something interesting! Can’t believe school is just getting out for you. My kiddos have been out for almost a month. I’m ready for school to start! 🙂

    • OMG…bbq pizza sounds devine. I also once had ranch chicken pizza and it was foodgasmic. Yeah, I am pretty much done now. I am cooking what I want to eat, if they don’t like it there are sandwiches or chicken fingers.

      In NY where I teach the last day is today. In CT where we live it was two weeks ago I think. That will be fun in two years when Dino is in full day kindergarten.

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