@jenkehl suggested this weeks list…Favorite TV Shows that were cancelled too soon?

I heard Body of Proof was going to be cancelled. I hope not because I LOVE that show


I found A Gifted Man show on Netflix and got hooked, but soon realized it was only one season. WTF? Now I always check to see if it’s an ongoing show before I start watching.


I have just gotten into Arrested Development and so glad I have Netflix to get the new shows after a LONG absence. I hope there are more seasons or shows.


I remember watching old shows of Angel a few years ago. I didn’t understand why it suddenly when back to the first show…then after some research found out it was cancelled. GRRRa

I loved Still Standing before we even had Dino. Now that we are parents
I would have appreciated it even more. Too bad it’s gone. 


Heard Guys With Kids was cancelled too! I liked this show and thought it was pretty funny.


I will freak out if these shows get cancelled.

CSI – The Original Series: Despite the many character changes it still is AWESOME! When this ends I will go into mourning.


Law and Order SVU: Another show that stood the test of time despite all the character changes.

Rizzoli and Isles

Two rocking ladies who fight crime…I LOVED the series of books the show was based on and hope Tess Gerritsen write mores. While they were gory and gruesome, I loved the writing with scientific plots.


Parenthood Even if you don’t have kids, you can’t help
but love this show…you can relate to at least a few characters.


28 responses to “Cancelled????

  1. What about Brian and Windfall and that show where teens got to “raise” babies, toddlers, kids, etc for a few days that I can’t remember the name of. I miss all these shows. It seems like anytime I get attached to a show it then gets cancelled. Oh and Private Practice.

  2. The only ones I watch on your list are Law & Order: SVU (but not recently) and Parenthood, which I love. Guess I don’t watch TV that much compared to everyone else.

  3. You know I don’t understand a show like Body of Proof getting cancelled with all the other crap on television. SMH. I catch that show in passing but I’ll be sad to see it get cancelled. I think CSI lost me after they decided to make Lawrence Fishburne a bad guy or crazy. I can’t remember. At least with watching a show on Netflix you know what you’re getting so you can set yourself up for the countdown.

    • yes, I agree…now I check to see if the show is current on netflix and don’t get my hopes up if there are only a few seasons. yeah, that whole Lawrence Fishburne thing upset me, I wanted him to stay

  4. Never fails and just when I usually get into a show, it gets cancelled. This past year, it was 1600 Penn. That show made me laugh and just was a breath of fresh air, but ratings were apparently lacking and it got axed. But I was pleasantly surprised that Nashville will be back for another year. Loving that show and so happy about that!! 🙂

  5. Wait..I thought Parenthood was renewed?! I could swear. I just got into Arrested Development recently. My husband and I are loving watching them all for the first time, knowing we won’t have to wait years to watch the new ones like so many people patiently did.

  6. It sounds like you’re a show jinx. If I get a show will you promise not to love it, LOL.

  7. I haven’t seen even one episode of the new Arrested Development…and I don’t know why!! I LOVE THAT SHOW!! I was devastated when it was cancelled and I own all the episodes on DVD. I was frothing at the mouth for the new episodes. I’ve got to join Netflix so I can see them!! –Lisa

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  9. I will not be able to handle it when Parenthood ends!! We loved Buffy and Angel too in this household – but we didn’t watch them until we already knew they were over (on Netflix) so at least we didn’t suffer too much from the news.

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