Dress up with Mommy

coverIt’s Saturday and time for my story again. Even though Mommy can be mean sometimes by making stupid rules, she is a good mommy. I don’t always want to clean up, eat my food, or get dressed; but she makes me. She says it’s because she loves me, but I think she likes to torture me.

Though she has a evil side, she can be lots fun too. When I want to act silly, dress up, and take pics with my mom being silly she does without thinking twice. She says she wants me to have lots of memories of all the fun we had together, but I think she might use these pics against me when I am older. I may have to hack into her account and delete them.

Anyway, here are some photos of us having fun playing dress up. CAM03565 CAM03561 CAM03560 CAM03552 CAM03554 CAM03558 CAM03551 CAM03550 CAM03549

I tried to make Balboa dress up too, but he refused.


Does your mommy do silly and fun things with you?

11 responses to “Dress up with Mommy

  1. Ok, the best part was Balboa at the end, lol!! But seriously, you two are too cute for words and loved the dressup story this morning. I am probably not as fun, because I would never fit into their princess dressup dresses, but this was really too cute for words and thank you for sharing!! 🙂

    • thanks babe, LOL Thankfully he just has hats he wants me to wear. I would NEVER fit into any clothes either. I can only imagine what he was thinking, but I think I am close 😉

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