Just Go to Sleep Already

Finish the Sentence Friday

And now for this week’s sentence to finish:  “The hardest part of my day is…  

I’d like to say it’s when I leave for work and my son kisses and hugs me goodbye at least ten times. But it’s not, while I don’t like a long commute, at least I get to listen to books on CD in my car. I don’t have to listen to kid’s music or hubby’s annoying freestyle or rock music. I get to listen to books, meet new and interesting characters, take a journey, discover a new place, and find peace all within an hour drive.

I’d like to say it’s dinner time when Dino plays games and doesn’t eat all his food. Oh man, it’s frustrating that I have to sneak baby food (vegetables and fruit) in his food, but in the end I’m happy that I have a child to feed.

I’d like to say it’s the time between nap and dinner. Or perhaps when he first wakes up and is wound up and ready to go. I swear this kid could run a marathon as soon as he wakes up in the morning. He even moves in his sleep.

The hardest part of my day is..NAP TIME when he’s home with me. It’s the days I can’t rely on daycare to put my son down for his nap. I probably sound like a horrible mother, LOL. It’s the days I can’t get him to take a nap, so I can clean, blog, or nap on my own. I usually end up sleeping with him, rubbing his back until we both fall asleep. I can’t complain though, I have an amazing child, a child who worships me and loves to nap with me. I know one day that will end, so while I find it frustrating, I also cherish it.

Some people keep pushing advice on me about nap time or lack of nap time. I really don’t care what others say, I know my son. He needs to nap, he naps at daycare and when he goes to full day Kindergarten and can’t nap we’ll deal with it then. He’s my son and we’ll deal with it as a family. I think some advice is helpful, but when you start to act like I don’t know anything I take offense. When you suggest that I don’t take my child’s education serious, I take offense. I don’t walk around bragging about my certifications, degrees, and over ten years of teaching experience. Is it because I have only one child and that means I don’t know anything? Does having a child when we were older mean I don’t know anything? Perhaps since I don’t brag, that means I don’t know anything. When families help each other they suddenly feel that gives them the right to judge your entire life. If that is the case, I rather not get help then.

When I was laid off and home with him I hated it. I LOVE my son, but was not meant to be at home with my son. Some mothers enjoy it, but I didn’t. I remember some people wanting me to admit that stay at home moms had it harder than working moms. I responded that while it was difficult, it wasn’t harder. If you haven’t done both than you can’t compare. If you haven’t worked and stayed at home you can’t compare both sides. Even with just a year at home, even I can’t truly understand what it’s like to be a SAHM.

Neither is harder than the other. Both are challenging and have obstacles and enjoyments. Both are wonderful but with dilemmas. Perhaps if I didn’t have a financial burden over my head it would have been easier. Perhaps if I had been home with him since birth it would have been easier. I’ve known teachers who hated working but didn’t have a choice, were happy to be working, only worked part-time, and others who changed careers to work at home. In the end we all love our kids and e just need to support each other.

Okay, my rant is over…I always seem to go on a tangent, but love being able to freely write on Fridays with Finish the Sentence Fridays. I love reading all the posts and seeing how each of us is so different, but the same in our love and needs for our kids. I love meeting new bloggers and getting better acquainted with the ladies I already know.

And next week’s sentence to finish:  ”If I could have dinner with anyone in history it would be with…”

27 responses to “Just Go to Sleep Already

  1. Oh nap time is a nightmare in our house. We tried to drop it when she turned 4, just because it’s so difficult. But she still needs it and is an emotional wreck all afternoon without it.

    Other people will always give advice and judgement… It used to really bother me but I just tune it out now. Yes I became a mother at age 20 but I’m a good mother and anyone who doesn’t agree can go jump off a cliff. 🙂

  2. I’m with you…nap time is just the worst. When mine were little I just remember feeling so desperate for them to just SLEEP for a few hours, which they picked up on like dogs sense fear. So, the more they’d battle going down for the nap and sleeping, the more ready for it I’d be until it was a NIGHTMARE BATTLE OF THE WILLS!! Ugh. The WORST!!
    I honestly think things were better once they were old enough to outgrow their naps. I mean, it would have been NICE, but just being over the battle and me not having the expectation of that time to clean or whatever made things better in my own mind. —Lisa

    • I totally agree, I would love to let it go but without one would be a cranky brat and he still gets them at daycare. I am in for a world of hurt whne he leaves daycare, LOL

  3. Yes, nap time can be so brutal and I have two that can fight it with the best of them. Lily sounds like Dino though and like to fall asleep cuddling withe me many times and I too am not one to fight it, because she really will be this little for so long and want to enjoy this while I can I suppose!! Thanks as always for linking up with us Karen!! 🙂

  4. I love your honesty about not wanting to stay home- I work part-time, but I agree, I was not meant to be a full time SAHM. The days when I have my toddler home, napttime, is a huge make or break moment. Because I, like you, use nap time to do all my blogging, and when she keeps waking up, it is crazy-making! Glad you can use FTSF to let your creative juices flow!

    • I know some moms who would never admit to what they are really feeling, but if you can’t be honest you’re only hurting yourself, right? Yes! FTSF ROCKS

  5. When my son was almost two months old I said, “OMG I can’t stay home all day.” I didn’t have a job because we had moved while I was pregnant. It was really hard and I honestly felt that when I went to work it was easier. It was a long day but at least on my drives and lunch hour I had time to myself. Sometimes I would come home and just close my eyes for 30 minutes something I didn’t get to do as a SAHM.

  6. When my kids felt like they had outgrown naptime, I’d tell them that they could play quietly in their room instead. 9 times out of 10 they fell asleep!

  7. I love naptime when it actually happens. My son very much needs a nap but there are days when it doesn’t happen and they are impossible. Love how you went from that into a back and forth about SAHM vs. working. I stayed at home for the first three years and actually enjoyed it but there were moments when I was so jealous of the working moms because um, adult conversation! Now I work PT and have found that’s a good balance for me.

    • last year I was working PT and I do miss that, but need the money from working Fulltime. I love that I can eat what I want and listen to what I want.

  8. we do not have children, so I (can’t) directly relate to the nap time phenomenon … except when our dogs (over time) were puppies and I would have cause to work at home, I used to enjoy that they might sleep as I attended my computer. (Our) first dog, Ola, however quickly learned that if she woke early and got bored, it was sufficient to sit next to me and (using her paw) pull my arm as I attempted to work.

    Very effective technique.
    Enjoyable Post

  9. I do love the (rare) occasions when I get to nap with Niece and Neff. It’s uncomfortable, poked-in-the-ribs-y and overly warm and fuggy, but it’s beautiful and fleeting 🙂 They’re not mine though, so it’s an occasional treat rather than a regular chore – I imagine the novelty could wear off…

    • I shouldn’t complain one day he’ll just push me away and I will miss it! LOL Yes the kicks, punches and roll overs can get tedious…but he’s so cute.

  10. Families do tend to think they can dole put advice and tell you what to do if they help you at all. It’s annoying and not really help if they think you owe them afterwards. Blech!

    I’ve got no advice for ya. I totally winged it as a mom!

    • LOLOLOLOL…thanks babe.

      I NEVER give advice, unless someone asks me for it. I hate the “I know better than you” attitude, we are all different.

  11. Sadly (or maybe not) we are past nap time at our house, but I remember days when I would have given anything for one of my girls to just sleep for an hour. I am a SAHM and I agree with you – neither is harder; they are just different.

    • (HUGS) This is what I love about blogging, we are all different, but the same! I know one day I will be glad when the naps are over.

  12. My 7 yr old’s surprised me a few times the last few weeks by volunteering to nap. He must be growing because otherwise that NEVER happens anymore. Yesterday I asked him to play quietly so I could do my last phone interview of the day. When I got off the phone things were so quiet downstairs, I thought maybe he’d fallen asleep. And I was so tired, I figured I’d join him. No such luck. He was playing Jet Pack Joyride in my bed. As soon as I cuddled up next to him, he wanted to tell me all about it. Naps are totally wasted on the young! It’s moms who need them!

  13. I used to fall asleep too. It was the only way I could get him to nap. Then I would lose the time to do everything I wanted to get done during nap time.

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