Sneaking in Veggies

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I’ve been dealing with a picky kid who refuses to eat or will chew and spit. After all the great ideas and advice, THANK YOU EVERYONE, I added some baby food to our mac and cheese. I was freaking out, afraid he would notice and wouldn’t eat, but Dino shocked me. He not only ate it, he LOVED it.

mac cheese veggies

this baby food includes corn, zucchini, green beans, brown rice, carrots, and garbanzo beans


It tasted a bit different, I knew it was the veggies, but son probably thought it was just “better”. I also said if he didn’t eat his food, he would go to bed hungry. I am going to pretend it was just the very different and tasty mac and cheese.

mac cheese veggies4

mac cheese veggies5

12 responses to “Sneaking in Veggies

  1. I use to hide spinach and carrots in all my red sauce. Pureed carrots and butternut squash in mac’n’cheese {I would do homemade mac that way I could put a ton of cheese it it. I got a cook book called “Deceptively Delicious” and it has a ton of great ideas to hide veggies in food… and all of it tastes really good!

    {I love the back ground!!}

    • I remember that book, never got it, but she was on Oprah, right? I am going to try brownies with apples and cherries soon.

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