Beauty Essentials

@momontherunx2 suggested the list for this week –  10 Beauty tools/products you can’t live without.

I didn’t include everything in the pic, but most of it is there!


1. Degree clinical strength deodorant – It works not just under your arms, but in other places too!
2. rubbing alcohol and cotton balls – I refuse to buy and use expensive facial cleansing solutions. I’ve been using these two items to clean my face and other areas, that get super oily. It works better and is cheaper. My face is noticeably less pimpled then when I used over-priced products packed products.
3. Tweezers and Sally Hanson wax strips– Since I need to make sure there are no crazy, stray hairs popping out weird places on my face.
4. Loreal Everstyle mousse and gel for curly hair – I would have horrific, frizzy hair without these two products.
5. Dove shampoo and conditioner – see above. With curly hair I only shampoo once a week, but condition just about every day. That keeps my hair from drying out and keeps the curls bouncy.
6. Hair dryer and diffuser – Nobody wants to see me with a hair helmet.
7. Makeup Kit: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and illuminator liquid. I RARELY/HARDLY wear makeup, but when I do it’s to enhance my eyes. I have nothing to hide and refuse to let society “shame” me into hiding what THEY deem as imperfections.
8. Hair clips – Even with short hair there are times I don’t want anything in my face. I always have one in my teaching bag.
9. Static cling spray – Nobody wants their clothes sticking, I always keep it in my my teaching bag.
10. makeup holding sprayWHEN I do wear makeup, I spray on the “holding spray” to make sure my super oily faces does not let the eyeshadow and eyeliner run down my cheeks..

As I have posted before, I am proud of my “imperfections” and embrace who I am. Bring on the grays, wrinkles, and
blemishes…just shows a life well-lived. 


22 responses to “Beauty Essentials

  1. I am so with you on the wavy frizzy hair and I thank god everyday for my straightening iron, because without it I could quite possibly look like Monica on Friends when they went to Aruba, lol!! 🙂

    • OMG..they work great. but no not on VERY long hair or stubble. I use them for my facial hair and sometimes my bikini if I want to take the time.

    • *blushes* thanks babe! I got it at Sephora (I think) and it works great. It really keeps the makeup on and comes right off with alcohol.

    • thank you babe, but I bet you are a beauty too! It’s all about attitude and confidence. If you believe you are beautiful then others will see it too. I also point out others’ beauty as well, we all need to support each other. A REAL Diva is someone who wants others right up there with her, not below her.

  2. I swear by Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious Creme – it’s the only product that doesn’t leave my curly hair crunchy. And I just lost my tweezers (again) – arghhh!

  3. I think it’s fabulous that you “have nothing to hide”! Wonderful, although I know tons of women who wear makeup simply because the think it’s pretty and fun. For those who wear makeup to hide behind a veil, I hope they can took on your motto!

    • I totally agree, wearing making to enhance your beauty or have fun IS FUN. I will enhance my eyes when I go out at night.

  4. I never heard of makeup holding spray! I may have to try that one…great list. I’ve got to try this Monday Listicles thing one of these days!

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