Taking a Walk

It’s Saturday and time for my story again. When the weather is nice, mommy and me go for walks around town.

Mommy brings my stroller in case I get tired and don’t want to walk anymore. Though I love to walk like a big boy now. I get to press the buttons that say we can walk. As long as I walk close to mommy on the sidewalk and hold her hand as we cross the street, mommy says I can walk. 


Okay, I’m ready for a great walk mommy.


I love watching the cars drive by.

©2013 dinoheromommy.com

I made mommy buy a super expensive hot dog and then refused to eat.


Here’s all the great things I told mommy to take a picture of on our walk. Mommy says I have a great eye for pictures.




walk4 walk6

showing mom how I can walk like a big boy and how I can stop before I get to the street.







We had a great walk. I wish this rain would stop so we can go walking again.

8 responses to “Taking a Walk

  1. Love it and we too walk around the neighborhood with the girls. We have a pink wagon for them and they love getting pulled around town, especially if we decided to walk down the road for frozen yogurt. Little do they know the walk back is purely to walk those yogurt calories off, lol!! 🙂

    • that is too cute babe and yes getting them to walk back burns it all off. A great way to exercise and spend time as a family.

  2. What a fun walk! Love the tiger art on the tree – too cool. And the photo of Dino in the stroller with that adorable grin is priceless!

    • yeah, he’s a ham with the camera, LOL I think it has to do with the mascot for the schools, it was pretty cool anyway.

  3. Super-beautiful photos – looks like a gorgeous day! LOL about the hot dog – I’ve sooooo been there! Grrrrr….

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