June Secret Subject Swap

Welcome to Take One of June’s Secret Subject Swaps. This week, 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Secret Subject Swap

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts.  Sit back, grab a cup, and check them all out. See you there:

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My subject is “How did you become a fan of _____?”.  It was submitted by http:// www.NotEveryoneCanBeAMermaid.com .  Here goes:

I am going to tell you how I became a fan of a few things.


I love chocolate…how could I not? It’s sweet, melts in your mouth, and takes away all the world’s troubles even if just for a few seconds. The best chocolate, in my opinion, is Cadbury. Sure we visited Hershey, PA and while they have rockin’ chocolate, it will NEVER compare to Cadbury. I don’t have it too often as dairy makes me sick, but when I do it’s worth the pain.


While teaching at a former school, I went out for sushi with fellow reading specialists and became hooked. Oh man…so darn tasty and perfect. We practically ate it every month for a year…each time I increased my wasabi amount. Now I LOVE wasabi and need TONS of it on my sushi to really taste it. Heck, I can even lick it off my fingers…it’s so good.



wardrobe based on brown

I like to be different, like to stand out a bit and don’t let current fashions dictate what I wear. Besides I LOVE the color brown and the way it mixes and interacts with blue, pinks green, orange, maroon, purple, white, yellow, and red. I decided to base my entire wardrobe on browns. It would be easier to buy shoes and clothes, and mix and match them if they are all related to and go with the varying shades of brown, oh so many options. It’s become my thing now!

What about you? What are you a fan of and why?

23 responses to “June Secret Subject Swap

  1. I, too, love chocolate, however it does NOT love me back. I like sushi as well, but not a fan of wasabi (nothing, wasabi with you?…sorry, bad joke). And I feel about BLACK as you do about brown.

    • I remember commercials with “waaaa…saaa….beeee” it still cracks me up. Oh chocolate hates to be eaten by me…I will break it one day though, LOL

  2. I’m one of those are anomalies. . . I don’t like chocolate. Even though I live close to Hershey.

    My entire wardrobe is based around the color black, so while more morbid than you, I get picking a basic color cause everything matches it. Now that I work from home though, I hardly ever get dressed. I can write in pj’s, so who cares?

    This was definitely a good prompt for you, I feel like I know you a little more now.

    • thanks babe, it was fun to share. Hey, if I could work in pjs all day I would be in heaven woman! I am sure if I had to smell chocolate all day, I would not be a big fan either

  3. I LOVE chocolate too! Haha, I know you already knew that. I’m kind of a shame to my Japanese family, because I can’t for the life of me eat sushi (really any fish). I d, however, love the color brown. I like your reasoning on building your wardrobe. Mine is still based on cardigans and yoga pants, in a any color I can find 🙂 Great post, girl!

    • thanks babe. did you have mostly Japanese cuisine growing up? There are just some pasta dishes that I can’t eat even if I am Italian.

  4. What a great prompt question! I am so with you on the chocolate–it’s my obsession and my worst enemy because I am always in a diet (cadbury Eggs destroyed that during easter!). Which is also why my entire wardrobe consists of black. You nailed this post!

    • oh wow, thanks babe! oh I know, if I buy any Cadbury it really doesn’t even make it into the house. I don’t want to share.

  5. I am a fan of you! Love how you expanded this to more than one thing. And I’m a fellow chocolate, wasabi and brown lover, so there’ that. . .

  6. You already know I love jewelry and anything shining and glittery. I love adding this sparkle to my own wardrobe. And so with you on chocolate, seriously what’s not to like!! 🙂

  7. I have never tried sushi! I’m probably the last one on the planet. But chocolate, oh yeah. Oh ho ho yeah.

  8. I’m sorry but I’m not with you on chocolate or sushi. I only like chocolate a teeny bit and can do without it. Don’t like sushi at all. I am with you all the way on the color brown! I even wear it with black which drives my mom crazy.

    • oh yes, black and brown do go…in fact I believe you can wear whatever colors and patterns you want. screw society and it’s silly rules, I wear what makes me happy.

  9. I am a huge chocolate fan. My mom considered it one of the 5 food groups. Not a sushi fan. I’ve had it on vacation and at parties and just don’t get it. I introduced brown into my wardrobe a few years ago and love it. In my opinion you can wear brown all year round.

    • yes, totally agree, I do wear brown all year. my hubby gags when I eat sushi in front of him, LOL I think your mom is right about it being one of the food groups.

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