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I know you probably have no idea what Dinosaur really loves, even with hints it might be hard to guess. In that case, I’ll tell you……..DINOSAURS!!!!! *giggle-snort*  We love going to the library to take out books on dinosaurs. I try to mix it up with fiction and non-fiction.

One book Dino LOVED was

Revealed Dinosaurs by Douglas Dixon. It has tons of facts and the pictures showed huge dinosaurs, with a clear sheet that when you pulled it away showed the same dinosaur as just bones. Dino kept flipping these pages, amazed that all those bones were inside of a dinosaur.

Another book Dino loved was


DINO Pets by Lynn Plourde. Dino loved this because a little girls brought home dinosaurs, but they didn’t make good pets and all ran away. The words rhymed and Dino liked when I sang the words instead of reading. At the end they all came back to sleep in her room, just the way all his animals sleep in his bed.

What books do your child(ren) like to take out of the library?


32 responses to “I Got a Dino – Kid Lit Blog Hop

  1. Too cute and would never have known, lol!! But seriously, my girls are two little princesses and love Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious. Even Barbie is tops on their list!! 🙂

    • Never heard of those, my sister and I had TONS of Barbies when we were younger. It must be so much fun to play dolls with them.

      Even though not too many girly things in our house, he LOVES pink cookies and is excited to see pink and purple cars.

  2. We bring a variety of stuff home from the library. Lately, it’s been books related to physical fitness. Hadyn brought a hard bound comic book home. Ava, it’ random. Whatever he picks up.

    I got a very good book on an African American dancer. She started dancing at 3 and is now 14. she dances for the Ailey Studio in NY. It’s about her successes as a dancer.

    It’s a great book, and encourages the kids that they can do anything.

    Thanks so much for the post!

    And also for the reminder. Must particpate this time around!

    • Books open a world of possibilities. As a reading specialist I see how books at a young age can change the outlook of learning and learning to love. Even students with language disorders, love to read if that is what they have always been exposed to; as opposed to students who hardly ever read when younger.

  3. We have that first book (still) – I’m nostalgic for my son’s love of dinosaurs and won’t get rid of any of his old books. Now the only thing he wants to read is Sports Illustrated for Kids.

    • that is a great that you kept his books, a true hand me down…I am so going to do that. LOL, as long as he is reading. I wish some of the high school students I work with would read. I would be happy if they read comic strips, ANYTHING

  4. My five year old daughter always wants “girl” books, which translates to books that either have a girl on the cover or the color pink. Our favorite that we have checked out recently is “The Princess and the Pizza”. She also loves the Olivia books and the Pinkalicious books. My son is into Superheroes and all things comic book. He tends to check out the Marvel guide to Superheroes or lego books.

    • reading is so important and that is awesome that they are reading what they love. I struggle with the high school kids I work with to just read ANYTHING

  5. My three and a half year old loves There’s a Bird On Your Head and Go, Dog. Go right now. I got lucky with these choices because these are two that I don’t mind reading over, and over, and over.

    • yes, I hear you. I often have read books too many times, but then I started reading them with funny voices to break it up and Dino loved it.

  6. My little man gravitates to the nonfiction books – he usually loves bringing home anything about ocean animals – but today when we visited the library he was determined he wanted books on desert animals. I’m so glad he’s a reader!

    • that is awesome. great job mom! As a reading specialist it breaks my heart when kids hate to read and won’t even read comic strips. Enjoying reading is important to learning.

  7. Oh my. I think the only one who checks out books from the library is my hubs. My mom does take the girls to the reading hour at the library on Tuesdays. They love it! I always get fun pics from that.

    • When we can, he loves the library reading time. It’s always fun to watch someone else read to him and see how he reacts.

  8. Nothing like a great dinosaur book! Thanks for sharing with the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Cheryl, Hop Hostess

  9. I’ve tried to get mine into dinos, and they do like them a bit…. But cars, cars is all there is for my little guy!
    Those look like some good books to check for at the library!

    • funny, I though Dino would be into the CARS movie, but it’s all about dinosaurs. It’s always fun to see what they gravitate towards and wonder if that is what their career will be.

  10. Looks like books my daughter would love too! She loves the dino books we do have. She has all 3 memorized, word for word, beginning to end, lol!

    • Great job mom! Isn’t that great when they can “read” books on their own. I got videos of Dino “reading” his books

  11. Love the new blog look. Very jealous. Well, Gigi is obsessed with monsters. So we are on the lookout for every monster book we can find. Thanks so much for sharing these great books with the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

    • jealous of the blog or dinosaurs? LOL…It took me so long to work on the banner…I felt a little silly.

      Are you going to take her to see Monsters Inc? I want to take Dino to that, but know the first one will scare him with them coming out of his closet.

  12. Ok, when did you change your blog design? lol *bow head in shame* Clearly I don’t visit you enough – must fix that! I love it – and I especially love your banner image! 🙂

    Happy belated birthday to your son – that was a cute interview and I love how he said Mommy and Daddy are his best friends… awwww….
    My son is into this chapter book series called Dinosaur Cove – he just loves those and when Dinosaur is older, I’m sure he will love them too! You just need to google Dinosaur Cover series. Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. 🙂

    • going to write those down. I need to start a good reads for dino and start keeping all recommendations for him and the books he read and liked.

  13. You should try the book “When Dinosaurs Came With Everything”. That book is great fun… to bad I can’t remember who it was by.

    • another great suggestion, thanks! I am definitely going to set up a good reads for my son, somehow. I want a place to keep all these book ideas and see the books he has read.

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