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Last week I was at my wits end with Dino chewing and spitting out his food, I was practically crying for help. After my conversation with Dino I got foods he said he liked and made sure I had a good variety. One meal he ate more of than I though he would, was Easy Pizza Pockets.  I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and other blogs, some homemade others made the easy way like me.

pizza pockets2

I bought oat and grain pita pockets, pasta sauce with hidden veggies, pepperoni, and shredded cheese. I already had olive oil on hand.

  pizza pockets4

Dinosaur loved helping me make his pizza pockets. We cut the pitas in half and scooped sauce inside of them. Then we added pepperoni and shredded cheese. Dino, as gently as he could, brushed olive oil on top of the pockets.

sorry for the super blurry pic, hubby took the pic and needs to work on his focusing skills

pizza pockets3

Dino ate two pockets, TWO POCKETS!!!! A WHOLE PITA! Can you believe it?

pizza pockets

So what lesson did I learn from all this? Well, I learned that…

Fancy meals that I LOVE = meals that Dino HATES

I will still make meals that I love for my taste buds and health, but I won’t get upset if Dino turns up his nose at them. I have on hand…hummus, guacamole, salsa, chips, carrots, chicken nuggets and patties, make your own pizza supplies, peanut butter and jelly, and cold cuts. I have ground flax seed on hand.

Got advice from one of the moms at daycare, she uses baby food in her meals. Like me she has no time or effort to puree veggies and fruits, so she sneaks the baby food into her kid’s meals. I know we all sneak the veggies and fruits whenever we can, but not having to do all the prep work makes it easier for me. I’ll let you all know next week how that has worked for me…fingers crossed.

6 responses to “Easy Pizza Pockets

  1. Great job Mom and great job Dino on eating a whole pita!! Seriously, you rocked this one Karen and believe me I am so with you on hiding the veggies in whichever way, shape or form I can, too!!

    • Last night he even asked the waiter at our local diner if they had pizza pockets-too darn cute. It can’t hurt hubby to eat more veggies either, LOL.

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