First Impressions

 This week we are writing ….10 Things You Notice First About Someone…this idea is from @donettasifford


My list is in no order, I kind of notice them all at the same time.

Laughter: Not the type of laugh, but rather if they laugh and let loose or try to be stiff and hold it in. Or if they laugh at someone else’s expense.

Smiles: A smile that lets you know you are accepted and welcomed, not the “I’m better than you” smile.

Hair: I love to see natural hair, I find that so powerful. I see some of my grays showing and I am excited. A few years ago a former co-worker told me that I WOULD change my mind and color my grays one day. She thought she knew me so well, but I swore I would never color my hair ever again and I don’t cave from peer pressure or what society thinks is acceptable.  In my opinion, I find graying woman, powerful, sexy, and wise. We NEED to change the backward and twisted ways of society.

Arms: Love arms, seriously, love arms. A good muscular arm is pretty impressive whether it’s a guy or girl’s, but not too muscular that you can’t clap your hands. One of the things I loved when I first met my hubby was his arms.

Chewing: I truly appreciate when someone eats/chews with their mouth closed, I am working on this with my son. It unravels every nerve in my body, hearing and seeing open mouth chewers. It’s like someone scratching their claws on a chalkboard.

Compassion: There are many ways to see compassion in another person. Is it when they say thank you to the person holding open the door or do they walk right through? Do they thank their server or ignore them? Do they smile understandingly  at the parent of the fussy child in church or look down on that parent?

Confidence: You can tell when a man or woman is confident in their own skin. Do they check out other people to see if they stack up or are they just happy to there mingling. Do they try to break down others around them or truly mean the compliments they are handing out?

Tattoos: I find tattoos very attractive and when I notice them, I try to see if the person has any more, without being too obvious of course. I would love to have one myself, but too of the needle and the pain.

Know it All: I can tell right away if someone is going to start acting like they know it all. It’s one thing to know be well-versed and knowledgeable in your field and share the information when needed, it’s another to act like you know EVERYTHING and try to show off. I am knowledgeable, well-versed, and experienced in a few areas, but I would never go around showing off.

Make Up: I always notice if a woman is enhancing her best features, covering up a flaw, or concealing her whole identity. I only wear lip gloss and eye shadow/liner on occasion. I love my features and proud of who I am and very curious about other women. Besides, I feel more comfortable without makeup, I prefer to not have to worry about reapplying or touching anything up.

16 responses to “First Impressions

  1. I’m an arm girl too! Always try to get my pushups in so mine look halfway decent – don’t want those arms flapping when I wave!

  2. I do appreciate a lady who is comfortable with herself. Grey hair and little to no make-up? Awesome.
    My husband was a swimmer, and I have always loved those strong arms and shoulders! Mine are getting more swing to them by the day. Guess that’s what happens when your babies grow up and you aren’t holding up to 20 pounds all day long.
    I enjoyed your list!

    • thanks babe! (HUGS) I made a promise to show my son how I am okay with who I am. I want him to know how to be okay and find a partner who doesn’t need him to validate them. Self confidence is learned by watching not by telling them to be confident.

    • It’s sad that many people just don’t have it or show it these days. It’s learned not taught, so if the parents don’t show it how can the kids understand what it is.

  3. I get highlights in my hair, but I also see the gray coming through gradually as well–I’m lucky, because I’m 48 and I still have only a few gray hairs. The highlights make it easier for me to tolerate the gray!!

    I too love muscular arms–have to get my hubby back to the gym!! 🙂

    And chewing–alas, my mother-in-law is horrible about this, chewing with her mouth open. Drives me crazy.

    I can’t stand it when women wear too much makeup.

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