Dino is FOUR today

Dino’s 4th birthday party was a success.  I love that Dino was so thankful and appreciative of the party and gifts. He kept thanking his friends for coming and celebrating with him. When he gets wild and doesn’t listen, I remember what a kind, generous, thankful boy he is and it makes me smile. God sure has blessed me with a great kid.

Stew Leonard’s ROCKS at parties and I am glad we used them for Dino’s party. The food and kid activities were better than I imagined. Though yesterday we had this conversation which broke my heart a bit. He’s just too darn smart and I feel like he is testing me sometimes.

Me: Did you like Spiderman at your party?

Dino: Yeah, but he was just pretending, Mommy

Me: (trying not to be disappointed) What do you mean? That was really Spiderman.

Dino: No, Mommy. That was a costume not the real Spiderman. The real Spiderman doesn’t have strings on his head. (He was referring to the strings on the back of the mask.) And he didn’t shoot webs, Mommy.

Me: (He stumped me and I tried to come up with something to prove to him that this Spiderman WAS real, but how could I convince him in the face of such great evidence. Besides Spiderman didn’t even talk, LOL.) He wasn’t allowed to shoot webs at Stew Leonard’s. I think he has different masks, it was really hot yesterday and he probably wanted to take off his mask after he left.

Dino just looked at me in a way I could only describe as “you are full of horse poop mommy”. Then he shook his head and continue to play with his dinosaurs before I had interrupted him with my obviously stupid questions. I swear, this kid is too smart for his own good.  Did he put up with this “fake” Spiderman just to appease me, or did he realize Spiderman was fake afterwards? I guess this is the tough part of parenthood trying to convince them you are not delusional or weird; and trying to make them believe so you can keep them “young” forever.


Questions for Dinosaur at age 4: (I’ve seen these questions on quite a few blogs for their kid’s bdays. I loved the idea.) 

  1. What is your favorite color? pink, purple, and green
  2. What is your favorite toy? Scooby Doo
  3. What is your favorite fruit? apples and bananas
  4. What is your favorite vegetable? crunchy carrots
  5. What is your favorite show? Shawn the Sheep and Scooby Doo
  6. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? hummus and pretzels 
  7. What is your favorite thing to wear? Spiderman underwear and shirt 
  8. What is your favorite game? bean bag game
  9. What is your favorite snack? gummies
  10. What is your favorite animal? piggy
  11. What is your favorite song? The Cat Came Back and Itsty Bitsy Spider
  12. What is your favorite story? No David book
  13. Who is your best friend? daddy and mommy (sniffles)
  14. What is your favorite cereal? Cheerios without almond milk
  15. What do you like to do when you go outside?  run, jump, play monster
  16. What is your favorite drink? apple juice
  17. What is your favorite holiday? My Birthday
  18. What do you like to take to bed with you? all my animals (and he does)
  19. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? cookies (NOT TRUE)
  20. What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? pasta, sauce, and meatballs
  21. What do you want to be when you grow up? firefighter and police man

My tiny little man


One Year Old Dino


One Year Old Dino next to Preemie Outfit


Two Year Old Dino


Two Year Old Dino next to Preemie Outfit


Three Year Old Dino


Three Year Old Dino next to Preemie Outfit

SMILE2 text

4th Birthday photo

preemie outfit2 BLOG

his preemie outfit looks so tiny compared to him.

24 responses to “Dino is FOUR today

  1. Oh Happy Birthday Dino and I love the question and answer idea for their birthday. Emma is 4 years old next month and am so copying this one if you don’t mind, because I really would love to see how she answers me on some of these. And I loved seeing all the cute pictures of Dino over the years. I get teary eyed seeing how much my two have grown over the last few years. Time really does fly!!

    • I saw the questions on about seven different blogs and can’t remember which ones-should have jotted it down. I had to ask Anthony a few times, because sometimes his answers were just too off the charts silly. I know, time really goes too fast. I love my little boy, but miss my baby. I have enjoyed each precious moment with him, but feel like I didn’t enjoy it enough. I want more time, more memories.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love that you shared so much of who Dino is, both with pictures and with all the answers to the fun questions.

  3. Oh my goodness! I think our boys would get along famously – they like so many of the same things – spiderman, cookies, and Scooby Doo. It always amazes me how observant and wise a four year old can be. Sometimes it makes me want to grab hold of my little man, wrap him up, and keep him small forever. They grow and change so fast – don’t
    you wish you could bottle every moment up?

    • Yes, I love that he is growing, but sad that it’s happening too quickly. I want to back in time and relive it all over again. I already miss today and it’s only 7pm

  4. Happy Birthday! I meant to start doing the questions for my guy’s third birthday, but ended up forgetting. Doing them this year for sure!

    • Thanks! it was so much fun, but I did start a month early, knowing I could only ask one or two a day, then kept checking to make sure he didn’t change his mind.

  5. He seriously can’t get any cuter! and next to the premie outfit! Amazing. Sad that he figured it out about the real spiderman, he is just too smart for fast ones. Hopefully he was entertained! My 4 year olds favorite snack is gummies too!

    • what is it with gummies? A secret, addictive ingredient perhaps?

      I know, still amazes me how much he has grown from that little peanut.

  6. Great idea with the onsie!! Such a sweet post Karen and my girls are very much like you son with his answers. Spiderman, hummus & pretzels, scooby doo! love it!

    • Love that your girls like Spiderman and scooby doo! That is awesome. he was so tiny, I had to keep one onsie, even if I have to hold him down I will get a picture of him with that onsie every birthday.

  7. Happy birthday, Dino and mom!!
    Those years do fly, don’t they?

    No, we can’t keep them young forever…. We are headed to Disney soon, and my daughter keeps asking if the princesses are real or if they are just people dressed up. I keep trying to dodge that one!

    Love the idea of asking them questions on their birthday!

    • oh no, I don’t know how I would answer her either. Good luck with that and let me know how you handle it, I may need your suggestions. I saw the questions on a few blogs, what a great idea.

    • thanks babe! I never heard of it till my parents bought him the CD. I think he likes the weird beat of music. It’s about a weird cat that the owner wants to get rid of, but he keeps coming back then disappears when he’s ready. it’s kind of creepy, but the music is good.

    • It’s so much fun to do with him and now he loves to see how big he is and NOT a baby anymore. How tiny was your daughter babe?

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