Yup, I’m One of Them

Finish the Sentence Friday

And now for this week’s sentence to finish:  “My favorite movie of all time is…

TWILIGHT! I could watch all five movies all day, over and over. Yes, I am one of those Twihards. No, I have never been to a screening, opening night, or have merchandise other than a calendar and a movie theater cup.

My son was about five/six months old and I was feeding him on my recliner. Twilight came on and since I couldn’t move I had no choice but to watch it. I was skeptical, but then I became hooked. Sure the plot line was different from any vampire movie I have ever seen, sure the idea of vampires that sparkle in the sun, don’t have fangs, and are immune to garlic and steaks in the chest was a new concept…but I was HOOKED!

I bought all the books and have seen every movie. Hubby’s coworker is always asking me questions through him, and of course I have the answers. Who is my favorite character? Well, I’ll tell you…WARNING, there may be some spoilers if you haven’t seen the ending, you may want to skip to the end.

Well…is it Jacob, the whiny kid who just couldn’t let go of Bella, sure in the end it was because his “soul” was destined to be with her and Edwards non-existent daughter…even a Twihard like me laughs at that. NOPE, not Jacob.

Is it Edward, the self-loathing vampire that needs to be put out of misery? Sure he realized he was an idiot and should have been thanking his creator, Carlisle, instead of acting like an annoying teenager. NOPE not Edward.

Is it Bella, the clumsy and needy human, who in the end is all powerful and saves her new vamp family? NOPE, not Bella.

Is it Carlisle, the kind and altruistic vamp, who treats his clan like a family and works as a doctor, never hurting any humans. NOPE Not Carlisle.

Is it Esme, the mother of the family, the one who lost her own baby and suffered abuse at the hands of a horrible husband? Sure I empathize with her, but NOPE not Esme.

Is it Emmett, the huge, strong, scary, teddy bear that protects and loves his family while having the brain capacity of a five year old? Sure he would be so much fun to spend an eternity with, but NOPE not Emmett.

Is it Rosalie, the one who suffered a horrible tragedy and never asked for or wanted this life? I would be bitter too, but in the end she was able to protect and help raise her niece….so it is her? NOPE, not Rosalie.

Is it Alice, the always cheerful and loving, psychic. She never remembered her past but woke up a vamp, but followed visions leading her to her man and mate. Sure she would have me dressed to the nines…so is it her? NOPE, not Alice.

Is it Jasper, the empath who was tricked, used, abused, and covered in bites as he fought in the southern vampire wars? Is it the tough and scary vamp who fights the urge everyday to not kills humans all around him? Is it the vamp who is always processing escape routes and battle formations in his head, while knowing exactly how to defeat any enemy? Is it the vamp who can become a lethal force and destroy all those in his path; but instead chose an eternity of love and peace because of his mate? YOU BET IT IS!!!!!! ! I LOVE JASPER! He’s dangerous, scary, and HOT. Imagine how different Twilight would have been if Jasper had been the lead vamp….swooons and fangirls!!!!!!!

UNF…In the books he is covered in scars…if only we got to really see what the scars really looked like…*sigh* if only.

Plus, the actor who plays him is even hotter….swoons.

And next week’s sentence to finish:  ”I hit a turning point in my life when I…

24 responses to “Yup, I’m One of Them

  1. I have yet to see any of these movies or read the books. I know I m probably the only one, but so didn’t want to get obsessed and into this one. Trust me, I could so easily, but truly love the way you delved into the characters here and yes couldn’t agree more about your final choice definitely not being to hard on the eyes. Thanks as always Karen for linking up with us!! 🙂

  2. You crack me up, Karen. I actually knew your answer because you had confessed your love for Jasper in another post. Don’t hate me, but I can’t stand Jasper in the movies. On the up side, now you have less competition – he’s all yours!

  3. You really are a Twihard! I saw the first movie and I think the second but that’s all the FAM could get out of me. 🙂

    • It’s funny some people just love it and others can’t even hear the name Twilight…glad we are all different babe! 🙂

  4. Well, I am “one of those” people, too! I adore Twilight- the books and the movies both! I even took my brand new baby (second daughter) to the theater with me when the last one came out, because I could NOT miss it! She slept and nursed through the whole thing… 😉

    • (((HUGS))) YES! I bruised my hubby’s arm as I watched the last movie, squeezing and hitting him as I got excited or scared. That “fight scene” OMG woman!

  5. Like Janine – I have never seen the movies or read the books. Personally, just not into all the vampire stuff. However, after reading you analysis of the characters, Jasper would probably be my favorite, too, if I ever do watch them! 🙂

  6. on occasion I have seen parts of the movie/show, but never all the way through. I think I will have to give it a try… the concept certainly sounds appealing, but as we know, it is always the characters that make us care (about a movie).

  7. I’ve never seen Twilight. But everybody LOVES it, so I’m guessing it’s pretty good, huh? 😉

    • it depends if you like vampire movies that are very different from typical vamps…and can deal with whiny main characters, LOL

  8. Read them all, seen them all. I thought the movies got a little better as they progressed, I’m sure because they had more money, lol. Anyway, I think Jasper is cool, too, but my husband and I laugh every time he makes the pain that’s supposed to let you know he’s trying really hard not to bite Bella. He just kind of looks goofy. Have you seen him in The Last Airbender?

  9. I like Twilight too but I have to say my favorite character is Jacob. If I wrote the books, I’d make Bella end up with him, LOL. I guess it’s mostly just because I am obsessed with wolves and werewolves.

    • LOL..he is scary…YUMMY!

      Jacob definitely has the body, too bad Taylor Lautner’s career didn’t take off as well as the other too

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