WORDLESS WED Dino and His Train Track

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I remember the days when he asked me to make his train tracks. Now, he enjoys making his own train tracks.
Then he takes them takes it apart and redoes the track. With just a little help and telling me what to do,
he has his train tracks and enjoys playing. 








16 responses to “WORDLESS WED Dino and His Train Track

  1. I just love how involved he looks in his project.
    And you’re rocking this new page design!

  2. I remember when my son would play with his trains for hours – so much focus. Great pics, and I love your new header and background. Lookin’ good, Karen 😉

  3. I need to get one of these someday – when I’m not afraid the small pieces will choke my son. But they are pretty fun. If I were to get them for my older girls now, i think i would have more fun playing with it than they would. 😉

    • I know, if I could just play with his toys the way I wanted to it would be golden. Yeah, too many small pieces is not good.

    • We tried to make it go in a circle, I obviously have no clue about trains, so I told him to make a straight track…(bad mommy) lol

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