Pasta Salad is NOT Dino Food

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Dino has suddenly been chewing and spitting his food, refusing to digest it. This has caused me great concern, especially since he can eat snacks he likes. After a melt down on both our parts, I had a long talk with Dino. He said he just doesn’t like what I am making.  Hurt aside, I heard what he said.  He explained that likes cheerios especially with chocolate rice milk, chips with salsa, chips with guacamole, chips with hummus, tacos, chicken nuggets and patties, peanut butter and jelly, apples, and bananas. Sometimes he will eat meatballs, but not too much he explained.  I promised I would have those meals for him.

What I did not tell him was that I would have to start adding grains and fiber to his food. So what can I add to his food that he won’t see but will give him the nutrients he needs? Is flax seed a good option? Is there such a thing as ground veggies? Seriously I am at a loss people. HELP! 

I can not make big meals for the family anymore, not with Dino and hubby on different food paths and likes.


So, now onto the pasta salad that hubby and I loved but Dino chew and spit out. I started with Suddenly Salad – Pasta, sure it’s not homemade or natural…but it was quick, easy, and cheap.

 pasta salad2
I added smoked honey ham, broccoli, and carrots.

pasta salad

Then topped it off with hard boiled eggs…A great side dish or a main meal. I plan on making lots of pasta salads for the summer, there are so many ways to vary the dishes.

pasta salad3

15 responses to “Pasta Salad is NOT Dino Food

  1. Just made suddenly salad this weekend, but loved your additions here. I have a picky eater in the form of Lily and just try my best daily to make sure she eats at this point. The pediatrician didn’t seem so concerned and said it is kind of normal at this age at times. But will say she loves peanut butter, but I try to give her more whole grain bread at times to add fiber there. And I try to make a game of it, as in “Who is going to be the winner for lunch!” The two combined, I am able to get her to eat most days. I think it is just trial and error with them at this age, but making it fun and like you said adding healthy options by masking it with things they like sure does go a long way!

    • that’s a good idea, wish I could make him compete with the dog, but Balboa scarfs down his food in seconds, LOL. he did have whole grain pizza pockets WOOHOO

  2. That looks yummy! I’m sure my daughter wouldn’t eat it either. She only eats about 10 different foods. 😦 It’s a constant battle, I try to put protein powder into smoothies for her to even things out.

    • protein powder, that’s a good idea, wonder if I can sneak that into other meals. I wish there was a ground veggie powder, LOL

  3. Ben is a really picky eater right now, but he eats lunch pretty reliarbly so I try not to worry. He gets plenty of whole grains from cereal bars three times a day. At dinner I just serve him a plate full of what we are having and assume he’s not going to eat it. I did the same with my other two and they are good eaters now, so I assume he’ll warm up to our food sooner or later!

  4. Looks delicious! Although I have honestly never met a kid who likes pasta salad, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. I’ve had some picky eaters and I usually just give them an option that is part of what I am making–like plain noodles from the pasta salad. Good luck!

  5. I would puree veggies and put it in pasta. I would use veggies that are sort of bland can can be overpowered by the sauce. Spinach works well for my peeps. Even though they can see it, it’s part of the cause – you know.

    What they don’t know, won’t hurt them – in this case at least.

    Sometimes it’s not even worth the effort. I know it’s totally annoying to make two meals, but I do it all the time. Because keeping the peace is more important. After a long day, it’s too much effort and work to listen to the constant whining.

    • seems that I am going to have to start doing that, I did make rice for myself tonight and will most likely give him chicken long as he eats.

  6. I have heard that it takes many times to introduce a kid to new foods …. I’m glad to see you keep trying! 🙂 I sympathize with your struggle! Thanks so much for sharing at last week’s All My Bloggy Friends! I can’t wait to see what you share this week 🙂

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