LISTICLES – Making Me Laugh

Happy Hundreth Listicle! In honor of the anniversary, We get to write our own list! WOOHOOO!

Hmmmm, what should I write?

I think I’ll make of list of funny pins. They either made me laugh because I thought them on a daily basis or it describes my life.


1. I am so guilty of this, but have been working hard to roll my eyes on the inside instead, LOL

2. Yes, I have thought this. Yes, it’s terrible, but true. LOL

3. Do men undergo training on this? I hope this epidemic does not affect Dino. He loves to help me clean and knows where everything is, so I am going to hope that he doesn’t turn into this, LOL

4. This one cracked me up big time…I love that we mom bloggers don’t have to be perfect

5.This is sad, but true.

6. I’ve done this so many times-air fluff is great.

7. LOL…hubby would not like this…do I care? NOPE!

8. I did this once, he does his own laundry now, LOL

9. Yet, I keep doing it. Dino tries to help, but just rolls them balls. He is GREAT at putting them in the correct drawers.

10. Isn’t it amazing how this works.

What are your funniest pins?


25 responses to “LISTICLES – Making Me Laugh

  1. Karen, I love your list and all are so true it is scary, especially the last one with the phone. I can tell you one time that I got on the phone recently that all was quiet and then it happened all hell broke lose, because I was on the phone and of course my husband was of no use in that moment. Seriously, if you want to have the kids turn into animals, pretend to be on the phone it works like a charm every time!!!

  2. I’m cracking up at #3. My husband always opens the plate cabinet for a glass and the glass cabinet for a plate. I don’t get it. Lol’d at #5 too.

  3. These are all so funny. Thanks for finding and sharing them. Sometimes I’m scared to look for funny quotes and stuff – i get trapped in pinterest void. every single time.
    But #5 about black friday really is sad but true. very sad and very true.

  4. #10 is so true. I think my three year old can sense when I’m on the phone because he always comes running.

    I enjoyed reading your list. I just started blogging and this was the first listicles I participated in.

  5. These are great! I don’t do Pinterest yet because I don’t need another time suck. I love the new design of your blog!

  6. OMGoodness…#5 about Black Friday is soooo true – I’m going to have to share that with some friends. I do enjoy seeing these lil’ pins pop up on Pinterest or Facebook.

    Happy listicles Monday.

    • I know, each one is better than the next! I don’t see a correct link for your blog, I’d love to come check it out though.

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