I’m Sorry Dino

Mommy is sorry Dino for how I reacted to you being overtired last night.
I’m sorry…
I got mad when you wouldn’t eat your dinner.
I got frustrated about you spitting out your food.
I got because cried.I had a bad mommy moment and I am very sorry. I know you can’t tell me when you are so tired and cranky. I know you can’t tell me when you need to go to bed or just not hungry.
I am glad you let me apologize and hold you tight. I am glad we got to cuddle on the couch after your bath. I am glad
we watched Veggie Tales before bed.  I promise I will be a kinder and more patient mommy today. I will listen to you and if you can’t find the words, I will help you. I will provide you will healthy meals, even if you refuse to eat them. I will let you decide when you want to eat. It’s tough being a soon-to-be four year old and I will be more understanding.
Do you apologize to your kid(s)? I feel apologizing is important. It not only teaches my son how to apologize, but it also shows
him that I respect him enough to apologize.
Have you had bad mommy moments? How long did you feel guilty? Did you do anything extra to make up for it?

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8 responses to “I’m Sorry Dino

  1. Love the new header pic!

    I apologize to my kids all the time! It is foolish to make our kids think we’re perfect. They need to see that we apologize when we make mistakes so that they understand when they need to do it.

  2. Being a SAHM, if I had a dime for everytime I lost my temper when the kids were misbehaving, I would be a millionaire by now. The point is I can so relate and I too have had my fair share of moments where I have apologized and felt awful, too. Just don’t be too hard on yourself, Karen, because you aren’t alone on this and think you are a wonderful mother to Dino. I think we are entitled to our moments here and there. Not condoning them, but like I said I can relate to this. By the way, I love your new header and background. Your blog is looking so good 🙂

    • Thanks babe, it was time for a change. I just feel so bad when I lose it, he just looks at me with those sweet eyes and I want to kick myself. I know, he knows I love him.

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