My Cozy Bed

It’s Saturday and time for my story again.


Mommy says I have too many animals and toys in my bed, but I love sleeping with them. They keep  me safe and I like being all squished in with them. I have Clifford, Duckie, Buckie, Tryone, Pablo, Rexie, Dino, three Doggies, one Bear, Piggy, Crocodile, Woody, Buzz, my cars and my dinosaurs. I think that’s it.

Sure sometimes I lose animals or toys in the middle of the night, but that’s what mommy is for.

What do you like to sleep with? Do your parents try to take them away?




What evil tricks or lies have you told your kids to get them to listen?…then provide your name and address so I can tell your kids what you have done!


Two bloggers gave mommy an idea. Carla said mommy should show more Balboa. Miranda said mommy should let Balboa blog again, so I am sharing my Saturday posts with him now. He used to have a blog before I came along, but he got too busy running away from me. So thanks So here’s my doggie, Balboa.


Finally I get to speak, about time. It’s been years. Dogs always get forgotten about. Sure I do a lot of hiding that darn kid is always roaring in my face and trying to put toys on me.

When I do get a moment to myself, a QUIET moment, I just want to chew on a treat. Hey, could I PLEASE get a treat in this toy, that is what it is for.

Hey wait, did I see something moving. Maybe a leaf got in the house and I need to kill it.


10 responses to “My Cozy Bed

  1. Oh, Dino! Sleep with all those toys! I sleep with my cat. He’s a pretty spoiled boy.

    We had a family bed until I met my husband and he started living with us. So not too many toys for my kids. It was hard enough to get me and three kids in one bed (even though they had their own beds).

    Love more Balboa! He’s a cute fur baby!

    • thanks babe, Dino sure is a stubborn little guy and will get what he wants. Yes, I promise more Balboa, I do feel bad that I have forgotten him.
      I do enjoy sleeping with Dino sometimes, but he’s a mover in his sleep, it’s so bad, LOL

  2. Karen, both my girls have to sleep with a ton of stuffed animals and their beds look similar to Dino’s, too. And yes I too occasionally get awoken to find one. So can relate and loved Balboa’s contribution this week!! 🙂

  3. {Melinda} Both my kids were like this! And I was as a kid, too! My daughter had a doll called Mary when she was 2 or 3. It was bigger than she was, but she slept with that enormous stuffed doll every night. She’s 16 and still sleeps with a teddy bear. 🙂 Oh, and I LOVE your new blog design! It looks wonderful!

    • thanks babe!!!! I felt it was time for a change. I know Anthony feels so safe with his toys, I could never really take them away.

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