Happy Band-aids and Clean Counters



I’m Thankful…

that my son can be thrilled with a happy face on a band-aid when his “cars” band-aids are all out

happy bandaid

please excuse the the background. Those clothes need to be put away and the box of toys need to wrapped for son’s birthday

that son and I had a wonderful conversation during dinner last night. I hope I can always be able to talk with him at dinner

that the hanging baskets I ordered have arrived and I have one already hanging up


this will save more space in our kitchen. I have another one to hang over the sink for our sponges and rags. I just need hubby to get hook into the ceiling.

that my hubby actually cleaned the kitchen counters…I’m waiting for hell to freeze over though. Seriously though, it was incredibly wonderful coming home to see a clean and organized counter. I can only do so much, so this made my night.


8 responses to “Happy Band-aids and Clean Counters

  1. My kids love bandaids, but it has to be princess, because right now they are obsessed with Disney Princesses. And seriously feel the same way when my husband cleans anything. HEll will surely freeze over, lol!! 🙂

  2. Oh, I know what can happen when you don’t have the right band-aids! Love the smile on his!

    Thanks for linking up this week! Have a great week!

  3. I have those hanging baskets too. AND a husband who cleans the counters. We’re twins!

    • Thanks babe, waiting for hubby to put the other hook in the ceiling…hopefully it’s soon! Yeah, having a unique band aid rocks!

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