Mac and Cheese Round Two


Our meal plan for this week is….I HAVE NO IDEA

I have not planned for this week at all, I’ve been very naughty.

I have breaded shrimp and TONS of frozen veggies. I will try to put together a shopping list after I finish this post, but don’t think that will happen. I’m so tired. I ALWAYS bring my coupon book with me, so that will help a bit. I know I need the essentials, rice milk, almond milk, more dairy free butter, bread, rice, shredded cheese, carrots, cold cuts, juice, meats, eggs, and non-dairy coffee creamer.

I will try to vary the menu a bit from the usual foods I have been cooking. I need a change, as does son and hubby. Balboa could care less, he’ll eat whatever we drop or give him from the table.

What essentials do you ALWAYS get when shopping?


Mac and Cheese Round Two

So the mac and cheese casserole that I made last week, that I thought rocked was snubbed by son and hubby. They were equally horrified and disgusted that I added veggies and breadcrumbs to the mac and cheese. Adding shredded cheese is apparently allowed.

So I made the mac and cheese a bit different this time. I did add the shredded cheese for a bit extra flavor. Then I heated up a can of molasses and bacon flavored beans and microwaved “steam fresh” veggies in a bag. Yeah, I went all out for this meal *note the heavy sarcasm* I arranged it in a casserole pan for easy fridge storage and scooping. I made sure the beans in no way, shape, or form touched the mac and cheese.


Dino loved it and happily ate the beans and noodles. He insisted on eating the noodles with a spoon and the beans with a fork, it was not worth the effort to try to explain why he should switch. As long as he was eating, right?


Then, what shocked me completely, he asked for one broccoli and two carrots. Can you believe that? He mostly chewed the broccoli, never really swallowing it, but at least he got nutrients out of it.


What meals do you think ROCKED only to find out that you were the only one who liked them?

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12 responses to “Mac and Cheese Round Two

  1. My older daughter is all over the veggies, but my younger is a battle with each and every meal. So, I am always on the lookout for new and creative meals just for her alone. Your casserole sounded interesting and may need to try. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  2. I love your little dino. He’s a cutie. I love your blog and am your newest follower.
    Angel @

  3. Okay every single time I swing by here, it is on a food day and I end up wanting something. I want those veggies right now. So badly I can taste them. ughh. Is it dinner time yet?

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