Silly Bike Rules

It’s Saturday and time for my story again!  I know you wait all week for this.


Remember the post of me riding my bike like a super cool dude? Well, now I am even better at it. I’ve been practicing and building my riding muscles. I don’t need mommy to push when I get stuck, I just use my powerful legs.

I want to ride my bike all over town, but mommy says I need more practice, have to wear a helmet, and have to listen when mommy and daddy says stop. Why do they have so many silly rules. I just want to ride. How about you talk to them for me, okay?

Oh, and there are other rules too. I have to keep both hands on the handle bar, have to not crash into the cars on purpose, and not go past a certain line in the driveway. I need to start making rules for mommy and daddy to follow.

new bike3

new bike2

Balboa thinks everything that moves in the wind is an animal he has to hunt down and eat. Mommy and daddy get mad, because he will throw it up in the house. The have to keep him on a leash to keep from running all over the driveway to eat falling leaves and sticks.

I know he’s not hungry, because I help mommy and daddy feed him in the morning.  Do your doggies eat things they are not supposed to and then get sick?


10 responses to “Silly Bike Rules

    • thanks babe, I wish he could really tell his story, perhaps one day I could scribe for him. Or better actually ask him what he would say…thanks for the ideas!!!

  1. It is hard to follow all the rules in life at that age! Our doggies used to eat things they weren’t suppose to but they are pretty good now (especially since we got rid of the rabbits and the snack pile under the cage!).

  2. Your little man is gaining his independence on that cute little bike! It’s funny to think of all the rules we put on them to keep kids safe. They must think we are ogres sometime. As for your Balboa, I get it! My dogs eat crayons. I don’t even want to tell you how I know that… 🙂

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