Thankful for Labels Everywhere


First off, I’m Thankful…

That my son will be soon be four. I have been blessed with watching him grow from a preemie to an exuberant, energetic,
and loving four year old.

That my hubby is starting to use the term “weekly home blessing” and “FlyLady” even though he still does not help with the cleaning. 

That I can get out and walk with my son most days after work. Nothing better than enjoying the beautiful weather and exercising with the little guy. Besides pushing him around is the best way to burn calories and making him walk up hills gets all those sillies out.

That hubby is willing to go out to the garage and get items I need when I fear a killer, mutant raccoon is on the loose.



My son is able to put his clothes away just by using labels on the drawers. We have been working on this for quite some time and he’s a pro now. He may not fold the clothes they way I would, but the fact that he puts them each item in the correct drawer is wonderful. 

Having the labels helps hubby too, not that he actually puts the clothes away, but at least he knows where to find them, sometimes.

anthony dresser

This is actually MY dresser when I was a teenager…still in pretty good condition and love using it for our son.

I do have to update the labels since some are missing and some are falling off. I just print out images for clothes that just about
match a current article of clothing son has.


I label the towels in our kitchen. We have dish towels for drying dishes and towels/rags for wet cloths for when son eats or cleaning up spills. Even with the labels, I think hubby still gets confused.  Our microfiber cloths are under the sink, I don’t want them being used frivolously. I should label under the sink as well, just to be on the safe side.

kitchen towels

I prefer to cut up old rags, shirts, and pajamas. Some people seem to get VERY upset by this, but I like being able to throw them in the wash and use them again. 

I also have labels for our laundry. I do our son’s clothes along with mine and take care of the towels and rags. Hubby has his own basket and I am thanfkul I don’t have to wash his stinky clothes. He would NEVER wash Dino’s clothes or put them away, but he does toss things int the laundry basket.

UNFORTUNATELY he couldn’t rememebr what side on which side to throw the clothes and towels in…what’s really werid is son can remember!!!! hmmmmmm……

I’d think hubby gets it right eighty-five percent of the time…even with the labels.

laundry basket

12 responses to “Thankful for Labels Everywhere

  1. Love that your son is so close to age to mine! Hope he has a great birthday! 🙂
    Yes, my husband wouldn’t get it right, even if I labeled it…. I think it is something about men…
    Happy Thankful Thursday! Thanks for linking up!

    • We are doing a spider man themed party at Stew Leondards…they do EVERYTHING for you…I am so bad, right?

      I hope my son breaks out of that “man habit” hope all my training is for nothing, LOL

  2. Organization is key! I like the picture labels you made for your son. That would make it easier for little ones to do chores!

  3. I have a label maker and it is my favorite toy. Yes, I am a dork, and I make no apologies 🙂

    • that is really awesome how hubby helps and I bet he remembers where everything goes then. It’s personalized and that’s quite important.

  4. Great idea! I love that he can help put his clothes away with a visual. I don’t have anything labeled at home but at work I have my supply closet totally labeled. Or the grown men won’t know where to put things.

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