That’s the Name of a Band?

@sayitrahshay Suggested this weeks list, Has there ever been a for real or imagined band names?

Can I say I was just stumped by this one. I listen to audio books as I commute to work and if it is music, it’s mostly my son’s songs. Then I decided to make up band names that revolve around my life.

1. DinoRoars that’s pretty much what my son does all the time…sounds like a great band name to me

2. Use Your  Good Eye This is what my MIL would say to hubby when he was growing up. He could never find anything or always lost his things. Funny how that still happens.

3. Waiting for Bedtime What I pretty much do around dinner time every night

4. Fart Sniffers Between hubby, son, and the dog…this is what happens in our house.

5. Don’t Eat Your Boogies YES…often said by me ESPECIALLY in public.

6. Watch Out for Legos Every parent can attest to the dangers of stepping on these, as well as small cars and dinosaurs

7. Eat Your Dinner or No Dessert Thought I would never have to say that, but I do

8. Loud and Louder My son’s two volumes

9. Why Won’t Anyone Listen to Me? Often just talk to myself since no one listens to me…*sighs*

10. Mommy’s Just Going to Cry in the Bathroom Sometimes it works and sometimes they follow you in

TURN DOWN the volume…like I said he’s REALLY LOUD.

Do you think he’ll make a good rock star?

14 responses to “That’s the Name of a Band?

  1. I love this! I also made up band names that revolve around my life…glad someone else took this route!

  2. I surprised he didn’t burst a blood vessel with those roars! And I vote for Fart Sniffers as the best band name.

  3. “Loud and Louder” would be a perfect band name for my family!! I agree with Dana–Fart Sniffers is an amazingly bad band name!!

  4. Hahahahahahaha. Fantastic list!! I love “Use Your Good Eye”. I might have to start saying that! –Lisa

  5. I am always singing that “Why doesn’t anyone listen to me” tune, and between the kids, husband, and dogs, we have a lot of farting going on here. I think I am the only one who doesn’t think it is funny. Throw in a couple of whoopie cushions and its just a barrel of laughs.

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