Blessed with Motherhood

Many years ago motherhood was just a dream. Many years ago I feared that I would never be a mom, but you came into my life.

You, my dear son, have shown me what motherhood and unconditional love really means.

I may joke about how crazy and loud you are. I may joke that I sometimes bang my head on the wall with your incessant screaming or jumping. I may complain about lost toys, ruined furniture, uneaten dinners, and temper tantrums.

Motherhood is hard, we sometimes need to vent to other moms, it does not take away from our love or devotion to your children. Venting and laughing with other moms does not take away from being awesome mothers, it only makes our bonds stronger and our appreciation of what we have deeper.

I love my son, love him more deeply than words could ever explain. I loved him when I first saw him as a three day embryo when he implanted that wonderful Saturday morning. My love grew each day for the beautiful son growing inside of me. My love grew when I finally held you in my arms. I knew at that very moment you were my life, the beautiful gift that your daddy and I created. You are a gift from God, a blessing, a miracle I will cherish for the rest of my life.

two days old




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