Riding My Bike


I learned to ride my tricycle on my own. I kept falling and tipping over and my mommy had to walk behind me to make sure I didn’t tip over as I turned the handle bars. Mommy made sure I didn’t fall over from going to fast and had to remind me to look where I was going and to not get to close to the car or I could hurt my hands.

I wanted mommy to keep holding on to me, I was scared. The more I practiced, the more she let go of me. I didn’t understand why? I thought she was being mean, but then suddenly I was doing it all on my own. Mommy looked so happy and said she was proud of me.

It took a couple of times, but I did it all by myself!!!

I think she was even crying a bit. Why do mommy’s cry when they are happy? That makes no sense at all.




Mommy even got a video of me in action. Look at me, I’m rockin’.

Don’t I have a super cool bike?

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