Get Moving and Privacy

Finish the Sentence Friday

And now for this week’s sentence to finish:  “This summer I plan to…”
And next week’s sentence to finish:  ”When I was younger, I wanted to…”

”This summer I plan to……”

get in shape. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to diet or change the way I look because I hate my body. I truly believe we women need to love ourselves and show positive body acceptance for our children. How will they know to love themselves if we don’t show them?

I do however, want to get in shape. I want to be able to run and jump around with Dinosaur without feeling like I might collapse form a coronary. I want to take long walks up hills and not fall over and lie on the floor like a beached whale. While on vacation, I want to be able to do whatever Dinosaur wants and not hold him back because I can’t.

I want to eat healthier meals and try to limit the processed foods and hormone-filled meats that come into our home. I can’t buy organic, just too expensive, but I can cook a few vegetarian meals that will ROCK!

no excuses

A strategically placed post-it note near my pillow ensures that I WILL do Yoga in the morning.


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Oh, and remember (pay close attention…this is the important one)…HAVE FUN!

Questions for Friday, May 3rd: (Special thanks to Gassy (@gasfamily) from The Gas Family, Brooke (@HallBro) from Brooke and Michael, Pam (@trooppetrie) from Troop Petrie, Kate (@KatieB38) from Kate’s Life, and lovable, furry ol’ me for these 5QF question suggestions! I would love to link you in a future 5QF, so follow me on Twitter (@5crookedhalos) and/or like my Facebook page and watch for my Thursday shout out plea for questions! Remember to @5crookedhalos me and use hashtag #5QF if you go the Twitter route!)

1. What’s the one personal hygiene thing you will not do in front of your spouse? OH BOY, Can I really share that on this blog, LOL. I think it would have to be anything related to when AF visits the house. I’m sure he’s seen things by accident in our eighteen years together, twelve of which we’ve been married. Though I would prefer him not to, but that is marriage, right? Now as a mom I try to keep the door closed.  My son is slowly starting to understand privacy, since I give it to him when he’s in the bathroom. 

2. What’s your favorite thing about a newborn? Of all the things I missed about Dinosaur being a baby, the thing I miss the most is the unspoken connection I felt with him. We still have that connection, but as a newborn I had to rely on his facial expressions, coos, and movements to understand what he wanted. I loved looking in his eyes and seeing his love for me and recognizing my love for him.


3. When is “too young” to have a Facebook account? Oh wow, there are some adults that are even too immature to even have Facebook, LOL. I think I would freak out when Dinosaur has a Facebook page, but I hope not till high school. I mean, middle school is really young right? Dino is just about four, I can’t imagine the teenager he will be and what will happen. Oh man, I can’t even imagine him a teenager, LOL.

4. What are your hoping for for Mother’s Day? I gave hubby a list of links for crafts he can do with our son. That is what I want most for Mother’s Day gift, a handmade gift made by both my boys. A gift my son can see me proudly hang on our wall or use. Then I want some time to myself, after working all day and traveling from school to school, I really just want time to myself.

5. What was the best field trip you ever took in school? I honestly don’t remember my field trips. My years at Catholic school were a blur, I was bullied and have pretty much blocked it all out. I have been informed we did go to a ranch one weekend when we were in eighth grade and I happend to be taking our son to that same ranch. For me, it’s really like the first time going there, so I can’t wait.

25 responses to “Get Moving and Privacy

  1. My Mom was big on wanting alone time on Mother’s Day. What she really wanted was something special that didn’t leave her doing dishes. My dad barbecued whatever she wanted on Mother’s Day and she got the dishes; (Pop never got that he needed to do the dishes to make it a special meal.) In the late 90s I started taking her to a baseball game and dinner on Mothers Day and “Take Mommy Out To The Ball Game” became a tradition. We’d get home in time for wine and cheese with Pop, and my brother and SIL and the dishes…waited until Monday morning.

    I love your idea, wish list, of a craft from your guys. What a wonderul collection those would make in time.

  2. I love the post-it note by the pillow idea! And I, too, really need to get moving this summer. It’s time to take back my body and remind potato chips that they do not own me.

  3. Cheers to eating healthy this summer. I need to do the same. I will be scouring your site for those recipes since you always do them so well. Yoga in the morning has saved my life. I hope it brings you lots of energy! Happy Mom Day to you, girl 🙂

  4. This was fun to read! I totally agree with you about FB. So many kids in middle school have them, but not my son. Ugh.
    I’ve been married almost 20 years and I can’t honestly think of one personal hygiene thing I wouldn’t do in front of him. Once he sees you have babies, the mystery is kind of gone.

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Hope you get a fantastic craft that has little hand prints or feet prints on it. Those always make my heart pitter pat! 🙂 –Lisa

    • oh yeah, he sometimes sees it all, but I hate doing any AF stuff in front of him. After all our IVF treatments and a c-section, it’s silly, I know. LOL

      Yes, I’d love to see something really sweet from him and Anthony.

  5. Loved your post! You and I both had fitness on the brain this week, and blogged about it, and it seems we have similar philosophies on accepting ourselves, not pushing it, and being healthy overall- I totally related! Also, sigh, I definitely miss the newborn connection!

  6. Running round after kids is exercise, though, right? My Neff is certainly committed to putting me through the paces at every opportunity. And YAY for home cooking. Go for it – cooking is great, and there’s the added bonus that it usually means you’re eating really healthily.

  7. Totally onboard with getting healthy. I’d be lying if I said I’m just dying to wear a bikini, so I need to lose weight. Nope, I just want to be able to keep up with my running babies!

    • SO TRUE!!! Plus, not everyone needs to be “thin” to be beautiful, loving our bodies is so important for our kids to see.

  8. I’m gonna get in shape too! I can’t even bend down to play without feeling like my knees are going to fly from my body! I’ll be right there with you!

  9. I hate hearing that people were bullied. Makes me sad and when I see bullies at school, I want to walk up behind them and quietly threaten them. But then, I’d be a creeper and I’d prolly be thrown in jail or something. 😉
    Hope your Mother’s Day was fabulous!!

    • I have the same thoughts, I fear for my son, but think he’ll be the one who is friends with everybody and even hopefully stand up for others.

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