Still Looking Good


I’m Thankful…

that my son lets me push him around town in a stroller so I can get my exercise

that my son always greets people with a smile and wave

that my son loves to help me push his stroller up the steep hills

that our dog Balboa sleeps on the couch and lets me write my blog posts.




So now we are back in the kitchen with FlyLady and it was much easier cleaning this area. Under the sink cabinet and baggie/dog food cabinets are still in good shape.  The food cabinet is holding strong and the fridge is looking good.


Not only does FlyLady help you with your home, but she wants you to Love yourself and feel good about yourself. It’s been ages, but I finally cut my hair. I have wanted to for so long but didn’t have the money or time. It looks sophisticated and fits me. I wanted to show off all my natural curls, while having an easy style. I really didn’t like the long hair in my face or weighing me down. You all know, being a mom leaves little time for yourself, so whatever you have to do to make it easier is a necessity. 

new hair do (2)

I’m ready to keep going and organizing now. My only problem this week was keeping the counters organized. With the weather so nice I took Dino out for a walk every afternoon or after dinner. So, my counters got over crowded (negatives of a small kitchen), but I reorganized it.

Now with stinky weather there is no walking today, so I’ll make Dinosaur help me clean a bit. He loves to help his mommy, so hopefully this will keep him busy and keep me from going stir crazy.

8 responses to “Still Looking Good

  1. {Melinda} I love FlyLady, but I’ve gotten away from her systems and I need to do it. Summer schedule is a little less crazy so you may have inspired me to get out my FlyLady notebook again! And now on to really important things … like your hair! So cute! My hair is stick straight and I envy your curls!! 🙂

    • THANKS!!!! I used to straighten my hair in my 20’s when I was young and silly, now I refuse to dye or straighten. I have to teach my son to love what God gave him.

      I LOVE FlyLady…and I love that it is not about perfection, but about doing what you can.

    • LOL, Balboa was all my hubby’s idea. I tried FlyLady many years ago and I laughed, now I need her badly.

      I used to straighten my hair in my twenties, can you believe it? silly me.

    • you are so right, I used to have a blog just for him before our son was born. I am so going to include him in more posts, I feel like an awful doggy mom now,

      thanks babe!

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