Sausage, Chicken, and Fish. Oh My!


Last week, instead of mac/cheese I decided to have nachos with beans. I just opened the black beans, plopped them on the tortillas with cheese on top and Dinosaur dipped them in the salsa. A favorite for me and Dino, hubby was still eating another dinner for that night so he was good, besides he would NEVER eat nachos. What last minute meals, quick meals do you have on hand?

bean and cheese nachos


The menu for this week was set, but our weekend plans set us back a day.

Sunday: Monday: Pasta/Sausage Bake I forgot to add the peppers to this, but still came out great.
Monday: Tuesday: Sweet Sour Chicken
Tuesday: Wednesday: Tillapia fillets, potatoes, and veggies
Wednesday: Thursday: French Toast/Ham…becoming a family favorite
Thursday: SAVED FOR NEXT WEEK: Chicken/Mac & Cheese/ Veggies
Friday: Pizza

I have thin sliced pork cutlets for next week. I could bread them…but not in the mood for that. Any suggestions for something different? My mother suggested roasting them with apples and cranberry sauce, which sounds delicious.

pasta sausage casserole

SAUSAGE AND PASTA CASSEROLE: took picture after it was half eaten. It was delicious…Dino even wanted it for lunch today.

sweet and sour chicken

SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN: should not have mixed the rice with it yet…looks like a mass of glop…hopefully it will taste good for dinner tonight. I’ll saute some veggies quickly and add them to our bowls.

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12 responses to “Sausage, Chicken, and Fish. Oh My!

    • Oh man…it was great. I sauteed some veggies and it was divine, tasted better than the local Chinese food take out dinner.

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when you can do a quick and simple, yet delicious meals that kids love to it? There easy to please at that age. I’m in the teenage stage with one of mines and picky is not the word. We’ve never had pork cutlets so I can’t offer a meal suggestion.

    • Oh, I can only imagine how picky he will be as he gets older, but I hope if I make him help me cook he will be less picky, fingers crossed.

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