God Made Everyone

Dinosaur is quite curious about all things now. He is beyond “Why?” questions and on to “Why created him/her/it?” and “Who made them/him/her?” He wants to know more, learn more, understand it all. I am proud of his curiosity, but also overwhelmed in how I can give him an answer that he understands and will accept.

We spotted the sun rising…because he wakes up so darn early…one morning.

“That’s silly the sun is yellow.”

“When the sun wakes up and moves into the sky, it looks different colors because of all the trees, clouds, and houses.” Know it’s not scientific or accurate , but we are dealing with a soon-to-be 4 year old.

“Oh, who made the sun?”

“God did. He told the sun to get up in the morning to wake people up. And go to bed and let the moon come out so people can go to sleep.”

“God made everything, He made the sun and the Earth. The sun rises every morning and goes to sleep every night. If it doesn’t we don’t have day and night.” 5-5-2

After dealing with carpenter bees who were practically dive bombing me (which freaked me out) we were sitting down yesterday afternoon. There was the occasional carpenter bee and some other bees, but they didn’t come close at all. Using dryer sheets really does work. I got it off pinterest and still amazed. Am going to stock up on those sheets for the summer.

“Who made bees?”

“God did. They help flowers grow and make honey.”

“I don’t like them.”

“I don’t like them either, but they God made them. If they leave us alone, we leave them alone. If they try to hurt us, I’ll protect you.”


Showing me what he will do to bees if they come near us

“Who made the bad guy?” (watching Veggie Tales and asking about a villain in the movie)

“God made everyone, but people choose to be bad, which makes God sad.”

“Yeah, God doesn’t like when you are bad.”

“No, He doesn’t. But he will forgive you and always love you.”

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6 responses to “God Made Everyone

  1. That’s so sweet! I saw a pin on Pinterest the other day that said something along the lines of we didn’t know how stupid we are until a kids starts asking us questions. They do throw out the tough ones!

    • that dryer sheet thing is awesome. I bought a few packs nad keep them in my car and in Dino’s bag. He knows before he goes out, I rub his clothes with one and put it in his pocket…can’t wait to put it to the test when eating out or at the zoo or farm.

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