Shooting Dinosaurs


It’s Saturday and time for my story again! I know you all wait impatiently for my stories, just makes your days, right? Well, you’ll like this one.

As a dinosaur, I must protect my family from evil dinosaurs. It began as a normal, spring day. I lined up my special bikes and they were all ready to be filled with gas, when I heard a growling.


So I grabbed my special gas tank and immediately changed it into a laser shooter that
destroys evil dinosaurs and monsters. I told mommy to stand back while I had a look.


Then I spotted them, all walking around trying to eat and fart on us. I shot them and turned
them into ashes. 


Then I heard one near mommy. I told her to watch out while I shot the evil dinosaur behind her. What would she do without me?


14 responses to “Shooting Dinosaurs

    • yes, I say that to hubby all the time I hope he keeps his sense of fearlessness and stubbornness…as he gets older it will help him defeat peer pressure and bad choices.

    • I can send some cars and legos your way, LOL

      Oh I plan on capturing every moment, I know too soon he will be all grown up

  1. Hahah that is AWESOME. I love it. Love it love it. So creative and those photos are priceless.

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