Am I not a Good Catholic?

I will probably lose some readers over this, but it’s what I feel. I would LOVE your opinions and ideas as long as it is respectful.

Am I not a good Catholic, because I had IVF to be a parent? Adoption was not covered by my health insurance. If I didn’t become a mother, I would have died. Being a mom means no sleep, but waking up everyone morning knowing that I wasn’t a mom was more difficult. If God didn’t want me to be a mother then the procedure would not have worked. Is my son a sin because I didn’t just wait to see what God would do? Perhaps, he was giving me the opportunity to have a child through whatever means necessary.

I want my son to respect all people. I am teaching my son to value the differences in all people. God loves us all, no matter what we believe. It is the devil that judges and excludes. It is the devil that pretends to be good and hurts others under the guise of religious beliefs. DON’T GET ME WRONG, I am not a pushover, I teach my son to trust his instincts and to stand up for himself.

I am raising my son to respect people. He should never tell anyone what to do with their body. I am teaching my son that real men don’t violate other people. The sad part is society still teaches women to not get attacked. He WILL know the difference.

I am raising my son to value love. If two adults love each other than they have every right to marry. No one should tell you who you should or shouldn’t marry. I want him to see that love is love.

I am raising my son to value families. Families come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and religions. Some families have one child, seven children, no children, a mom and dad, two moms, two dads, only aunts and uncles, only grandparents, one mom, one dad, or only sisters and brothers.

I am raising my son to be respectful. We show respect by cleaning up after ourselves, speaking nicely to the ones you love, using please and thank you, helping those around you, believing in your religion but not judging others. I teach my son to pay attention to his instincts, stand up for himself in a respectful manner, doing what is right.

I want my son to have a religion. I want to share my beliefs with my son. I need my faith. I don’t want to change my religion, but it hurts me that my religion judges and excludes instead of welcomes.

What is your religion or denomination? Do you practice 100% or occasionally? Are you a devoted follower or just follow the beliefs in a limited manner?

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12 responses to “Am I not a Good Catholic?

  1. I’m a Methodist who goes to a Lutheran church, because that’s all we have in this teeny town! I also used to teach at a Catholic School.

    I feel that you wanted that child so much that God led you to do the IVF. The Catholic Church has a lot of positive things, but I think they need to get with the times on some of their views on ivf and birth control!

    • yes, they do. I do want my son to go to CCD and be confirmed in his faith, just don’t want him to be so blinded by his faith he doesn’t use his brain.

  2. I didn’t realize that was the Catholic church’s view. My daughter goes to Catholic school and came home from a sex ed/abstinence talk at school confused on the Catholic church’s views and I didn’t have a clue. As a non-Catholic I need to check this out. You are a great mom.

    • thanks babe 🙂 I just don’t ever want my son to become so blinded by his religion he doesn’t use his brain.

      Yeah, those sex talks by the church can be dangerous.

  3. You are a wonderful Mom Karen. I don’t think you should worry about losing followers because of your post. This is your space to say what you want to say. The people that really follow you will continue to do so because you have a wonderful blog.
    I was baptized Catholic and I’ve had to “undo” some things because I don’t agree with everything I was taught. That being said, I do have a strong faith but I don’t go to church anymore. The way I see it is that God gave humans the wisdom to advance technology to the point where IVF is available. How can anyone look your beautiful little boy in the eye and say that God didn’t want him to be born? That’s utterly ridiculous. I think you can still be a Catholic, have a strong faith, and not share some of the doctrines we are taught through the church. God loves everyone. Period.
    Hugs for you and Dinosaur… xox

    • ((HUGS)) I stopped going to church for a long stretch but want my son to have and practice a faith. I know that I have to teach him to believe but not get lost and lose his ability to use his mind.

      You rock woman!

      Oh and I have two videos of dino reading books for the next kid lit blog hop…I just can’t it’s too cute.

  4. God Bless:)) God is smarter than than more religions give him credit for:) It’s not just black or white, good or evil, right or wrong! He doesn’t do zero tolerance punishment, he looks into your heart and judges wisely:) He knows you are a good mother and person!

    PS Thanks for joining in Lets Get Social Sunday!

  5. I do firmly believe that God provides us opportunities, that we have the ability to cure, create and heal and it all comes from Him. when we use it to be LIKE Him such as cloning it is wrong but when we use it to love and nurture and bring more people into this world it is a good thing and makes Him happy.

    I hold no opinion one way or another on gay marriage and such as I don’t feel it’s any of my business. My son’s best friend is a lesbian and I love her to pieces and always welcome her and her girlfriend into my home. Being a Christian means that I don’t judge (or at least try not to). It’s not my place. It’s Gods.

  6. What a great post! From one “rogue” Catholic to another I totally agree with you on many of your points, and what hits home for me is the Gospel today where Jesus gives his #1 commandment- love one another as I have loved you. To me that is above and beyond all, he sought out the sinners and loved them so strongly. It makes me so sad how judgmental and opinionated so many are these days. I was thinking about IVF the other day and wondering what the Churches stance was on it because I have a friend (non-Catholic) who had IVF and still has 8 or 9 embryos on ice. They have talked about having one more implanted, but won’t ever implant all of them, so I was wondering it the church would consider that abortion?

    • Thanks babe 🙂

      When my son starts making noise in church, which ins’t even that loud, all the older people turn around. Seriously? You are in church, my son is joining this faith, have compassion, not dirty looks.

      Great point babe. We had three frozen embrryos that we had to get rid of. It killed me, I truly considered them Anthony’s brothers or sisters, our babies. I couldn’t donate our baby, I couldn’t live with the fact that another Anthony would be walking around possibly born to a family that didn’t love him as much as we would have.
      It was so hard to get rid of the embryos, but that storage fee money was taking away from Anthony. It was depressing and rough deciding to have only one, but I got my miracle.
      When you are in the dramas of IVF, you don’t think about the later stages, you just want your baby. For a year I agonized over it, cried and lost sleep. In the end I had to made a decision based on Anthony first.
      I still think about them, wonder if they would have looked like Anthony. I still think about hte other embryo that was implanted with Anthony and didn’t make it. They are all together though, protecting and keeping us safe and one day I will meet them. Isa that creepy?

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