Up Early and Ready

It’s Saturday and time for my story again!

I went to bed late at 8:50 and fell asleep right away, I was so tired. Then I got up at 4:52…mommy was so tired, but I was refreshed and ready to go.

You can’t waste time sleeping when there are so many things to do. So mommy let me watch some TV in the living room since I won’t let her sleep. She really should be thanking me for helping her get up early.


“Hey Mommy, stop looking so sad. Let’s sing and dance.”


Is your mommy and daddy so whiny and tired in the morning too?

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8 responses to “Up Early and Ready

  1. haha! My kids always got up early too. Luckily I’m an early riser most of the time and it didn’t cause to much difficulty. For me it was worse when they wouldn’t go to sleep and I really wanted to go to bed.

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