Soul Warming Book

Every time I read a book, I swear it’s the best book I have ever read. It’s the book that has changed my life. This time I mean, I really do.


Fannie Flag wrote a book about a time that made me imagine my parent’s lives. Even now I’m cruing as I write this. The once kids in the book, Annalee, Bobby, Mackie, and Norma could have been my parents growing up. Sure they live in New York and book takes places in Missouri, but the concept was the same.

As they grew, married, and had children of their own they looked back on their lives. They looked at all that had changed, terrible things, wondrous things, and some questionable.

As Mackie and Norma left their hometown and moved to Florida they were stunned by all that had changed. There were no more mom and pop shops and everything was commercialized. As Bobby returned to his hometown to attend the funeral of his childhood friend who died too early. Nothing looked the same, nothing was as it had been when he was a kid. Once where he was known by everyone, he was that strange man walking around town.

I cried for my parents, how the world must have changed before their eyes as their daughters grew and married. I cried for me. One day my son will go off in the world and I can only imagine the wondrous and terrifying things that will be waiting for him. Things have changed so much from when I was just a kid. With new technologies and inventions everyday, we are faced with evils that go along with each one. 

I pray that I have instilled in him the values and morals that will help him stay on the good path. I pray that he will make choices that will keep him safe and will not be swayed by peer pressure to do things that he knows are dangerous or hurtful.

The book was a wonderful read. Each character was so easy to fall in love with and want to get to know. 

I swear if you read it you will be forever changed.

What book(s) do you swear have changed your life or haunted you for days/weeks?

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