Cozi Calendar LOVE

Without my Cozi Calendar, I would freak out.

I have birthdays, appointments, vitamin reminders, meetings, FlyLady morning and evening routines, FlyLady Zones, and FlyLady Daily Focuses all in my schedule.

There is no way I can ever function without this calendar in my life. I try to explain to people what exactly it is, but I get so excited and possibly scare them. Oooops. I am just thrilled by how easy it is to use and how much it has changed my life.


My home page shows our picture and the various links we can go to.


My calendar page shows what I have to do each day, the color dots show each person who is involved in the task. You have a variety of colors to choose from.


My to do list…as I complete each task, I check them off. When all completed, I uncheck them and start all over again. DARN ringer volume…grrr.

What do you use to get organized? Do you have a cleaning routine?

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4 responses to “Cozi Calendar LOVE

  1. AWESOME!! I would be lost without my calendar, but yours is AMAZING. You’ve got it all there. I’m going to have to check into your system because it include to-do lists, too! –Lisa

    • I love that I can check off the lists then clear them to start over. I would be walking the streets like a zombie without my cozi.

  2. I’m a Cozi addict too! I love the grocery shopping part too. I can add things to the list whenever I think of them, and now my husband knows to check it when he runs to the store to “grab one thing.”

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