Listicles: Chapters of My Life

10 CHAPTERS IN A BOOK ABOUT ME. Love this list prompt, TEN chapter titles that describe my life. 

The Girl With the Fro The little girl with crazy hair

I Survived the Bullies I was tormented in grammar school, but I survived and am a better person for it

Will I Ever be a Mom? The struggles of dealing with infertility

Listen to Yourself Learning to listen to yourself and not others

I’m a Mom Birth of our son

This Is Not the Birth I Wanted Having to visit my newborn locked in the NICU

Life as a Dinosaur Superhero Mommy my son is an energetic dinosaur superhero 

Loving Who I Am Modeling for my son how to love who you are

You’re Four Years Old? Time goes too fast

Looking Forward Can’t wait to see my little man grow into a respectful gentleman


11 responses to “Listicles: Chapters of My Life

  1. Awesome storyline. My 9 yo is the boy with the fro and though he gets so many compliments from women especially — he is not pleased. I keep telling him it makes him unique. He definitely has a look. And I get the infertility chapter too.

    • my son had curly hair then it grew straight, 😦 he really is a lucky kid.

      the infertility was tough, but I became a stronger happier mom from it.

    • I fear my son will be bullied and hope I can teach him to love himself enough to stand up for what’s right. I also hope I raise him to NEVER treat anyone like that.

      infertility does suck, but if you are blessed enough to make it through you cherish each moment so deeply.

  2. Great list!

    Love the chapter – Girl with the Fro…brings back my bad hair memories…goodness – I had a huge braid for my higher elementary and middle school years. And a huge bang to go with it. I did not discover the beauty of wearing my hair fully out until college. Before that, I did not have good hair guidance.

    Thanks for sharing your list!

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