Listicles: Superhero Mommy

Today’s list is ten things that made me feel like a SUPERHERO. Love this list prompt. With my son, I’m always a Dinosaur Superhero Mommy! For his birthday party we are having a SpiderMan themed party and want hubby and I to wear SpiderMan shirts along with hubby. Will then have to update our “superhero” photos. 

10. fractured my ribs when I was first dating hubby and I had no choice but to go to work two days later. I fell in the shower after my sister’s friend scared me through the door.

9. drove a van of kids into the city (had to drive students on field trips at my old job)

8. moved an armoire, table, chairs, and couches all on my own when I wanted to rearrange our old condo and hubby was not home

7. being pregnant and feeling my son move

6. a few days after being discharged from the hospital after my c-section, I drove back and forth to hospital to see son in the NICU

5. carrying my son, my bags, his bags, and containers, all in my arms.

4. killed an evil and murderous bee in our home while hubby was at work. (to me this was A VERY BIG DEAL)

3. anytime my son looks at me with love and wonder

2. when my son is good at church, uses his manners, or just charms people with his politeness

1. when my son runs to me when he’s hurt. a hug and kiss from me makes it all better.


5 responses to “Listicles: Superhero Mommy

  1. #5, absolutely. Now that I have two kids, the bag carrying has become even more ridiculous. I like to watch my husband attempt it now and he acts like it’s too much. HA!

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