Clipping Curtains and FlyLady

My mother gave me such a great idea!!! 

You know the clips you use for bags of chips? Well, my mother suggested using them for the curtains in my son’s room.

ant room

ant room2

It worked so well….

I then bought more and used them in the living room too!

 lamp curtain

shelf curtain

Can you see the clips?

The diaper box was SUPPOSED to be a cool tunnel for cars, but Dino has claimed it as a library book holder. Smart kid.

hidden clip

How about now?


Pretty AWESOME, right?

They do the job, no sewing required, you can change the length and style of your curtains, and if you decide to get different curtains, you have TONS of clips for chip bags. A true WIN WIN situation.



FlyLady cartoon  Last week I posted about using FlyLady and Cozi to clean and organize. Well, as I read and learn more about FlyLady I LOVE her even more. I have deleted my own cleaning schedule and now follow hers fully!

With the Zones or sections of the house to focus on certain weeks and the coordinating daily missions everything is expertly cleaned each month. With the Daily Focus I can set aside time for myself and specific tasks and quick cleaning. With the Habit of the Month, it just becomes second nature.

I love the morning and evening routines, I don’t have to look at the list anymore, I know EXACTLY what to do when Dino goes to sleep or before he wakes up. Even when he’s not feeling well and gets up early, I can still do my routine.

I sat down in my apartment yesterday, staring at the clean and was confused about what to do…so I got up and set my timer and cleared another hot spot… It’s really addicting.

It even works with kids of all ages. Dino loves to play “who can clean up faster.” He of course always wins. He also loves to vacuum with the carpet sweeper, wipe the walls, and help make his bed TEMPORARILY.

If you want to know more, check her out, it will be worth your time.

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