Chicken Terriyaki Casserole

I used the slow cooker version of chicken terriyaki and made it into a casserole. I coated the pan with olive oil and add some water to cook the rice.

I put the carrots and pineapple mixed with sauce on the pan first. Then I added the rice. Next I cut two breasts into thin slices and layered on top of mixture.

After cooking casserole at 350 degrees until chicken was cooked and rice was tender, I sprinkled cheese on top. I turned off the oven and placed casserole back in oven until cheese was melted.

I let it cool on stove top and placed in fridge and served it the next night for dinner.

I like the idea of cooking at night. So now I have two ways to make meals when I work all day. Either in the slow cooker or at night as a casserole. Either way I am freezing meals raw into baggies. As they cook or defrost, they marinate and taste spectacular.


UPDATE: As of today I have made two casseroles and one dinner in a pan. I really like the idea of cooking at night and after cooling placing it in the fridge. Having a dinner ready to eat just by scooping and microwaving is much easier to deal with when coming home from work. I can’t wait to share the other meals I made and search out other one-pan dinners.

Dino loved it! To him it’s like eating two different meals. Next time I can add different veggies and or add tator tots or hash browns instead of rice. So many ways to make a casserole. Hey even beans work, right?

Do you prefer to cook casseroles or use the slow cooker? Or do you change it up?

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