Today’s list is 10 Places you have kissed. I read this and chuckled and thought of that clip from the Newlywed Game. The one where a woman is asked weirdest places she made whoopie and she said in the butt…Can we say awkward??????

Anyway, I giggled thinking of all the ways this list can go.

So here I go with a family-friendly list of places I have kissed hubby.

1. At billiards on our first date


Why was I trying to lose weight back then? I was so skinny. I need to be smacked.

2. In his old car, when he proposed.

3. At our wedding.

4. At lawyers office when we signed papers to buy our condo

5. At home when nurse called to say I was prego with our son.

6. At doctors office when we first saw and heard son’s heartbeat

7. At home when hubby first felt son kick.

8. At hospital after son was born

9. At hospital when we visited son in NICU


10. At home first night our son was home after time in the NICU

Canino's 6-09 #3


16 responses to “K-I-S-S-I-N-G

  1. Hi–I’m a former NICU mom too. I will never forget how amazing it was to bring my son home from the hospital–in our case, he was there for 117 days! Good news is that he’s turning 17 this year and doing great.

    • (HUGS) I always cry when I here from another NICU mom, I will always feel those emotions. WOW 17, he’s all grown up now. Looking at my soon to be 4 yr old, you would never guess he was so tiny…they grow so fast.

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