FlyLady and Cozi Calendar

I am not being paid for this post, just sharing my opinion.

Does anybody use either? I have turned from both, thinking it was too complicated…but I have to say I am LOVING IT.

I still use my weekly and monthly chores. Doing two things every day, keeps me from cleaning like mad on the weekends. Sure, there are days I don’t follow through, but I also include days to catch up.

FlyLady also as five weekly missions, each day she gives you a detailed and QUICK thing to do in each area. It sounds overwhelming, but it’s not.  Today I have to remove smudges from windows and walls in my living room in QUICKLY. How simple is that? It’s quick and easy. My monthly chore is to clean the fridge and microwave and my weekly chore is to dust. I already dusted two days ago, so that’s one less thing to do. With hubby being expected to help it’s even easier. I was able to clean the fridge and microwave yesterday, so I’m ahead of the game.

Okay, so I know I am off this week, but I started this the week before spring break. Now I perfected the routine and know it will be second nature to continue this while working. Life will be easier. When you first start, you spend a few minute decluttering each day. I still have spots to declutter (hubby has boxes in the basement and garage) which I am scared to open.

The morning and evening routines are things that I pretty much do already, but I love having a list to follow. I often forget things…which is what happens with mom brain. At first I thought her “dressed to shoes” was silly, but now I understand. I am always breaking my toes and slippers do annoy me. With shoes on, I really can do anything. Quickly take out the garbage, go to the garage, or get something out of the car. When the spring and summer comes, I can go out as soon as Anthony wants.

Hubby laughs when I say I want the sink empty and shining each morning, but it really does make me feel good to walk into the kitchen or bathroom and see a shining sink. It makes me want to keep the sink empty at all times, I like to see the shine and don’t want it to ever pile up again.

Some people say there are a lot of emails, but if you create a filter for them, you can check them all at once. I create filters for most of the emails coming in, it’s easier to read a list when I have time rather than every time you get an email.

As a working mom, its not overwhelming at all, it actually helps me keep it all together. I’m lucky that my son loves to help and we make cleaning a game. So doing a simple and quick chore is fun for him and keeps his body moving-which is great for his sensory needs.

With Cozi, I use the free version. I just add birthdays as repeating yearly appointments. Cozi now works with FlyLady, so her to do lists and missions are updated on my calender.

The BEST part…each family member has a color and you can add their email to send them reminders. This is great, because hubby has to help with chores.  A few simple things each day keeps us running smooth. He also gets email reminders about family birthdays directly from the site, not me. So no more, “I didn’t know it was my mom’s birthday today.”

The mobile app is great too, works perfectly and alerts me to appointments and reminders. It’s very easy to add an appointment on either the app or website.

I print out each week, starting on a Sunday. I cross off each task as it is completed. This helps hubby see all that I do and how he has to help. It also helps me organize my time according to his work and extra hours.

cozi and flylady

Cozi Calendar with my tasks and FlyLady tasks


FlyLady opening page

print out

print out we have in kitchen

shiny sink

my shiny sink…what joy. Not bad for a small, outdated apartment.

So what do you think? Do you use either or both? Love it or hate it?

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7 responses to “FlyLady and Cozi Calendar

  1. I signed up for FlyLady, as in I have an account. I was overwhelmed by all of the emails and never really did it. I’m severely ADD-I wish I could get motivated to follow it. I’ve never heard of cozi calendar. Is it free like Fly Lady or does it cost? I’m so glad it works for you! I need something-my house is a disaster!

  2. I have plans to check out FlyLady, as I really need this. But then I get caught up and never do! This might be the boost I needed!

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  4. {Melinda} I used to do the Flylady routines all the time. Had a notebook and everything, but then my schedule changed and I never got back into a system that worked for me. I think you may have inspired me to get back on track … Spring seems like a good time to do it!

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