Listicles – Dino NEEDS Spring

10 reasons Dinosaur NEEDS spring

1. We NEED to get out of the house and play

saturday soccer 2

2. Dinosaur wants to ride his bike without running into snow and mud.

3. Dinosaur wants to line up his cars outside and race them with mommy.

4. Dinosaur wants to play with his dinosaurs and robots in the grass.

5. Dinosaur wants to eat on the porch and paint outside

wednesday - painting.

6. Dinosaur wants to go outside without the full gear of heavy jacket, hat and gloves.

7. Dinosaur wants to go on long walks with our dog and go to the playground.


8. Dinosaur wants to go on nature walks.

9. Dinosaur draw with chalk all over the driveway.

chalk roads

10. Dinosaur wants to play jump rope and blow bubbles outside.


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