NaBloPoMo AND Listicles 3-18


Monday, March 18, 2013
Talk about a tangible item you wish you had invented.

So many great inventions out there, but the thing I truly love and wish I had been smart enough to invent is the slow cooker. I mean how wonderful is this. You can pop food into this device, it cooks the food slowly and thoroughly and when you return home from work there is a meal waiting for you!

After some research, I found out that the modern crock pot was invented in 1971 by the Rival Company. Supposedly more women were working and needed homemade healthy meals waiting for them. I couldn’t find one person from the company that was credited for the invention. If I’m incorrect, please let me know, I’d love to know more.

Whoever it was that brought this wonderful invention to us, I truly sing their praise. In a small apartment with an OLD stove, having a slow cooker has saved me time from cleaning and and cooling off an overheated kitchen. I truly like only having to clean a slow cooker and a serving spoon, NOT ten appliances, pots, and pans. Even in the summer, a quick meal in a slow cooker saves so much time and keeps our kitchen from turning into a sauna.

What invention do you wish you had invented?


10 ways my partner’s awesome…oh man, ONLY nice things about hubby. Okay, here goes

1. Hubby is faithful to his marriage, he would NEVER cheat on me.

2. Hubby is right 5% of the time, but mostly because I let him win, LOL

3. Hubby takes out the garbage and empties the garbage bin MOST of the time.

4. Hubby is funny, super funny according to people who don’t live with him.

5. Hubby takes my car for oil changes and even cleans it out for me.

6. Hubby remembers and recalls facts about baseball, facts that don’t offer me any useful information, GRRRRR Though he often forgets where items in our place are located, even though he sees and uses them EVERY DAY? Weird, Right?

7. Hubby remembers and recalls movie lines OFTEN and uses it to push my buttons at times, GRRRR See italicized words in #6.

8. Hubby volunteers with his old boyscout troop and teaches pretty amazing badges.

9. Hubby is an awesome camper and knows A LOT about wilderness survival. Can’t wait to take our son camping this summer.

10. Hubby’s teaches our son how to catch and throw baseballs and footballs. I love seeing him play with our son.


6 responses to “NaBloPoMo AND Listicles 3-18

  1. #6….what is it about men that SO MANY share this trait? Irishman is the same way! Drives me batty at times.

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