Snowing Again?

It’s Saturday and time for my story again.

I can’t believed it snowed again, I LOVE snow and love to play in it and throw snowballs at my mommy and daddy. But I really wanted to ride my bike and play ball on the grass.

A few days ago I was playing outside with mommy. We had to stay off the grass it was muddy and gross, but I still had fun. I played ball with Balboa

wed soccer ball

Kicked another ball around. Mommy tried to get it, but I was too fast for her.

wed kicking ball 

I rode my car around the driveway. Mommy said I’m too big for the car and I should ride my tricycle instead. I think I can still squeeze
into it, right?

wed car ride

Now, everything is covered ins now again and I have to wear my snowsuit to play in the snow. Mommy said even if it melts, the grass will be all muddy and yucky.

At least I got to play in the snow yesterday.

snowy Saturday3

I made m own snow slide.

snowy Saturday2

Then we built a snowman. Daddy said it doesn’t count because it’s built into the pile of snow, but I really like what mommy and I did.

snowy Saturday4

What do you all think?

You ready for spring or want more snow?


One response to “Snowing Again?

  1. Love the car! My little Monkey has one just like it that he thinks he still can squeeze into, too! You boys!

    Yes, I want the snow gone, too, Dinosaur….

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