Kid Lit Blog Hop #11

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Dinosaur wants to share another book he enjoys reading, now more than ever. Since he is no longer wearing diapers, he is happy to read a book about Dinosaurs who WANT to wear underwear just like him.

wed dinosaur

Of course our copy looks like this MANY readings and attacks by dinsoaurs.

wee book

I asked Dinosaur now that he is wearing underwear, which ones would he wear from the book?

 Dino proudly told me which ones he would wear and why, he likes what he likes and I think it’s great. The “x” maks show which underwear he wouldn’t wear at all.

wed underwear

11 responses to “Kid Lit Blog Hop #11

  1. Have you read Aliens love Panta Claus? That’s very funny too. I love the crosses on the pants your son wouldn’t wear 🙂
    Just stopped by as part of the kidlit bloghop.

  2. Hello Karen! Thanks so much for linking up on the Kid Lit Blog Hop – this is one of our favorite books, too – we read it ALL the time!

  3. Hahaha I love the x’s over the undies 🙂 I can’t wait to be in the underwear stage. We’re stuck in pullups at the moment.
    Also, did your dinosaur come get our book jackets? Because somehow they all get colored on and ripped, then they disappear 😉

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